4 Common Signs of Motherboard Issues in Smartphones

Over 95% of people worldwide own a smartphone. To cater to this growing need, there are several smartphone manufacturers currently available. One of the marketing tactics smartphone manufacturers will employ are claims that their phones are indestructible.

Like all gadgets, smartphones might fail — for one reason or another — at some point. This does not mean losing all the money you spent on buying that seemingly best gadget in the market, though. You can get your smartphone running as usual after a Zebra repair service.

Motherboard failure is one of the most devastating things you might deal with as a smartphone owner. This, after all, is like the heart of your phone — much like the CPU in a computer. Most of the crucial components in your smartphone are contained in the motherboard. Unfortunately, some people go for backstreet repair and try DIY measures to fix their phone when it fails. These will only cause irreparable and costly damage.

The following are some signs that could point to the failure of your phone’s motherboard and necessitate the need for a professional repair service:

Random Restarts

There are times when your phone randomly shuts down then restart for no apparent reason. This is the leading sign of motherboard failure, though it might sometimes be caused by an error or a virus. At times, your phone might not stay on at all even after charging it fully if the motherboard has malfunctioned.

A Blank Blue Screen

This is often called the ‘blue screen of death’ since it denotes a motherboard failure. If the only thing you are getting when you switch on your phone is a blank blue screen, then it is time to get the motherboard checked. Some smartphone owners might try getting an error code for their phones to get them you and running, but in most cases, this is also futile.

Phone Battery Issues

There are times when your phone’s battery is low regardless of how many times you charge it and the type of charger you use. This might point to an issue in your ports, but a motherboard failure is also a common cause of phone battery issues. If you constantly have low battery and phone charging issues, get your motherboard checked and repaired.

A Burning Smell

Repairing a broken smartphone

Most motherboard issues in smartphones are caused by overheating of some components. This is often caused by the installation of an incompatible component to your smartphone. You might be able to notice a burning smell if this is the cause of motherboard failure. If so, then you should unplug any component you have installed right away.

Other than overheating, your phone’s motherboard may be failing due to water damage, dropping it too many times, and doing poor repairs of other components. Though costly to repair, these expenses are minimal compared to those associated with getting a new smartphone. Moreover, you will lose all your data on your old phone. Professional micro soldering repairs are the ideal option to fix a phone’s motherboard failure as they re-attach various parts which contribute to your phone’s motherboard failure.

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