Decision-making for Entrepreneurs

Handling a business is no easy feat. Whether it be a small startup or a fully established company, there will always be factors in the industry that regularly undergo many changes in stocks, prices, demand, and so on.

So even if you already have a well-thought-of plan, things may still not go your way. This is why every entrepreneur needs to know what to do to face such challenges head-on.

Communicate and Assure

There are now many restrictions in the business industry due to the ongoing pandemic, from switching to remote work to following social distancing measures, and all that. So as a leader, you might find it hard to communicate with your employees. You can hold meetings online or check up on them every day through a simple chat. In a way, this also allows you to see things from their point of view.

It’s at difficult times like these that they would need you the most. So one of the first things you can do is to form a continuity plan. This will help you identify where to move next as a company. Some might choose to pause operations, while others decide to push through but only with a skeletal workforce.

It’s a huge decision, so you need to consult with everyone in the company as well. You should be more transparent and let them know about the adjustments you plan on making. Of course, this also involves their futures.

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Supply and Demand


Upon arriving at a decision, you should also consider your supply and demand chain. If your company sells products, your materials would usually come from somewhere. So it’s also your responsibility to check in with your suppliers. As mentioned, most people are now working from home. So production companies might not have the capability to provide for all their clients any longer.

And as times change, the needs and wants of the people change as well. You need to be up-to-date with what they’re looking for. Many businesses are now creating social media websites to reach the public more. You can pretty much sell anything on the internet nowadays, whether your company offers clothes, food, or even furniture and appliances. So you’re sure to have consumers that will message you for inquiries.


On the other hand, if your company offers services, you should seize this opportunity since everyone is spending most of their time at home. So if you happen to own, let’s say, a third-party delivery service business, you probably started noticing a rise in demand.

Even those who aren’t avid users of technology find themselves downloading various applications. This is because many people need groceries, meals, and parcels delivered from place to place, especially those at risk of acquiring the virus. So instead, they’ll opt to pay for your company’s services.

If you happen to own establishments, such as gyms and clinics, you can make some adjustments. It won’t matter if your business is in Scotland while your clients reside somewhere across the UK.

Personal trainers offer paid online sessions for their clients. Here, the trainers can share proper daily meal plans, exercise routines, and more. A lot of people need to undergo checkups every once in a while. So some clinics provide online consultations as well.

Ensuring Safety

Of course, it won’t end there. Every day, you and your employees are at risk not only because of the threat of acquiring the virus but of other things as well.

If you own a manufacturing company, the equipment is something that you should watch out for. Electrical problems occur from time to time, so you should always inform your workers of the safety protocols.

For those of you who happen to own a delivery service, your riders’ safety should also be a priority. This is why there are owners who opt to have vehicle fleet management software installed. In that way, they get to track their employees and vehicles no matter where they are.

As a business owner, it’s your job to consider all these things, from having a solid plan, keeping up with the everyday changes in the market to ensuring everyone’s safety. Yes, it’s hard to manage, given the current circumstances. But this is where the true test of being a leader comes in. A lot of people depend on you, so you need to make decisions wisely.


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