Design Elements For Product Labels That Will Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Brand identity encompasses all the details in a company that portray its image to clients. With the prevalent cutthroat competition nowadays, brand identity is more important than ever for all companies aiming for profits. You need something that will attract customers and get your product noticed on store shelves. The best choice in this instance is your product’s label.

Studies have proven that over 70% of buying decisions are made in stores at the point of sale. Getting the best self-adhesive labels for your products is essential to attract these clients. A renowned printing company should be your first stop in the quest for quality product labels. This guarantees that the design for your product labels looks optimal and paints your product in the best possible light. The design you choose should reinforce your brand identity to make it easy for clients to pick your products from the rest. To this end, here are the design elements that should be included in the label.


Your label holds a lot of information about a product. Depending on the size of the actual item, its label might not be large enough to accommodate all the information you are legally required to display. Either way, ensure the label font you choose is legible. The font size should be clear even from a certain distance so that it can draw in clients. To enhance a label’s readability, the fonts should not be less than six points, and their colors should contrast the background.

White Space

This denotes the area on your label that has not been taken up by illustrations, texts, and images. The white space is, in other words, the background color of your chosen design. Other than generating visual distinction, the white space on a label can be used to create a sophisticated look and a calming aura for the product. This explains the use of a lot of white space in luxury merchandise, cosmetics, and baby products. Audiences will be naturally attracted to products with a simple label that has lots of white space.


graphic designer

These do not necessarily mean stock pictures on a product label. The most popular choice for product labels nowadays is abstract inky artworks. These make it easy to visually illustrate what your product has to offer and quickly convey the intended message. They also allow clients with less than ideal eyesight to get the message you are conveying.


A copied design that has been used over and again not only makes your product look conforming, but it also confuses clients when they should be well-informed of your message. Exercise originality in the design you choose for your labels. You can start by conducting research on your competitors’ labels and pick something that has not been overused. Your originality will stand out on store shelves and make your product the new solution to existing problems experienced by customers.

Most business owners only focus on their brand colors when designing a label. Though essential, choosing the right brand colors is not the only thing that will make your product label effective. With the above elements, the label you choose will strengthen your branding and serve as the silent marketing agent for your products on store shelves.

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