Five Important Stuff to Ensure for Your Upcoming Virtual Conference

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic considerably changed the perception toward workplace culture around the world. There are many things that various companies thought impossible but turned out to be possible, such as the concept of work efficiency at the office.

For sure, you still remember how your boss consistently reminded you that work only resides in the workplace and that you cannot do it anywhere else. But when the pandemic happened, lockdowns were implemented. Suddenly, everyone now works at home and the virtual office became necessary.

Never-ending Meetings Continue

However, the downside of working from home is the long tiring virtual Zoom, Skype, and Teams meetings. Suppose you happen to be a human resource (HR) professional. In that case, you might have probably thought of ways to end the monotony of boring virtual meetings.

If you are the HR personnel tasked to plan the upcoming workplace virtual conference, you should make sure that you have these five important things. These are sure to help you in planning a fun one.

1. Virtual Photo Booth

The pandemic did affect not only the workplace culture but also various businesses. Many business owners have begun to evolve their practices and adopt new business models amid the pandemic. One of these businesses is MISGIF’s online photo booth services. Before the pandemic hit, the company provides different in-person photo booth experiences. Some of their services include the “interactive GIF booth,” “nostalgic print booth,” and a customized photo booth.

MISGIF’s online photo services took over the in-person photo booth services that they provided. The company’s virtual services, which should make any virtual office conference more fun, are the “Virtual Photo Booth” and “Virtual GIF Booth.”

The two services are similar to MISGIF’s “interactive GIF booth” and “nostalgic print booth,” but this time made online.

2. Choose a More Interactive Platform

video conference

COVID-19 gave rise to many technology start-ups to develop virtual meeting platforms. Many are free, while known companies sell their software for a hefty premium. Whether the platform you chose is free or paid, you should make sure that the software has the necessary tools and functions to have a non-boring conference. One of the essential things that you should consider in choosing a platform is its comprehensiveness. You should have a platform that would make attendee interaction, screen sharing, event recording, file sharing, and streaming a total breeze.

3. Request Sponsorship

Whether you have been provided with a budget or not, requesting sponsorship from a known brand or another business is also a great way to increase participant engagement. These sponsorships are networks and essential connections in the future. Apart from providing support to the upcoming virtual conference, some companies give out freebies. Always have a lookout for companies that give out either food or any stuff that will be useful for your co-workers. These things are sure to put a smile on your attendees.

4. Get Your Co-Workers Sentiments

“Getting their sentiments or suggestions” – this step is one of the most crucial but forgettable steps not only in organizing your office conference but also in other endeavors. You should always get the pulse of your co-workers – from asking what food they want to be delivered to their homes to the kind of music they want to have in the post-conference event. This step does not only make the virtual conference a fun one but will also make your co-workers more engaged. And more engagement means more productivity.

5. Prepare for a Debrief

Lastly, you should have a plan for “debriefing.” This step is for creating more transparency in the office. The post-office virtual conference debrief is where you will discuss how much was spent and reiterate the conference’s agreed points.

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