How Companies Can Save Money On Work Uniforms

In New Zealand, high-quality corporate uniforms are becoming more common due to the many benefits they provide for companies and their employees. Learn the advantages of having a work uniform and how companies can reduce the costs of acquiring those uniforms for their workers.

What are the benefits of work uniforms for employers?

  • Brand awareness. You can treat your employees as walking billboards by giving them company swag. But you know what would be even better? Work uniforms.
  • Professionalism. Employees in uniform tend to look more professional and capable, especially in retail settings where employees face customers daily.
  • Recognition. Work uniforms provide more visibility for customers, making it easier for them to recognize employees in the store when they need help.

What are the benefits of work uniforms for employees?

  • Saving money. Work uniforms eliminate the need to buy new clothes, shoes, or accessories to wear to work every day.
  • Faster mornings. When employees have uniforms, they don’t have to think about what to wear to work every morning. This means less time getting ready every day and fewer chances of being late to work.
  • Functionality. Some uniforms are designed for aesthetic purposes only, but for other types of jobs, uniforms serve a purpose. For example, construction worker uniforms are designed to protect the body from harm, while nurse uniforms are designed to help them move quickly through hospital hallways and remain comfortable while doing so.

How employers can save money on uniform costs


It’s no secret that producing and distributing uniforms to every employee requires a sizeable investment. Nevertheless, there are several ways that employers can save money on uniform costs:

1. Know when to buy vs. rent

If work uniforms are only going to be used for a certain amount of time, renting is definitely more economical than buying uniforms. However, if you foresee that you’re going to be renting uniforms more than once in the next few months or years, buying uniforms might be the more cost-effective choice.

Moreover, if the nature of your business involves activities where ruining clothes is a common occurrence (e.g. food service, hospital, construction), buying uniforms instead of renting should be the obvious choice.

2. Don’t compromise quality

Producing uniforms for your entire workforce can be expensive, but compromising quality for low prices can have you spending more in the future. When choosing the materials for your uniforms, be sure to choose durable fabrics. By doing so, your employees will have uniforms that are reliable, resistant to fading, and will last for at least three to five years on average.

3. Shop around for vendors

Don’t settle for the first good deal that you come across; you may find something better if you look hard enough. If you are looking for a uniform vendor to supply your needs, consider at least 3-5 companies before making your final decision.

Given that the benefits of having work uniforms greatly outweigh the con of high costs, acquiring uniforms for your employees is a great investment. However, if you want to save money, the tips mentioned above should help you reduce the costs.

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