Keeping Your Head Above Water: Surviving the Corporate World

Being the sharpest tack in the stack isn’t going to cut it nowadays. Whatever the cut-throat industry you are in, whether it is business, finance, or marketing, you can only do so much to become the best of the best. No business guru can guide you to the perfect path to walk on to become successful. There are too many pathways to choose from right now. It is up to you to take up which opportunity presents itself.

The best way to figure out the most suitable advice for you to follow for your own career is to pool and present you with the most common advice these experts are making in their respective fields. Somehow, although most are cold reads, we can derive the main themes of the guides and pluck out what their most valuable points are. Together, we will journey through the millions of advice gurus and figure out which ones are great to apply.


The most common advice business and finance gurus give is to find passion in your work. Millions are admittedly disinterested in their field and are doing it just for the money. It might be difficult for some people to foresee themselves loving their corporate or finance work. Most associate passion with hobbies or pastimes. However, passion does not have to be creative.

Passion for working itself and solving problems can be a driving factor to succeed in the field. Find the joy in overcoming each of your obstacles. Maintain growth and success in what you do, even if what you do is not that interesting.

Physical Health

The second most common advice given is that taking care of your physical health is always a top priority. According to recent findings, physical health is a big contributing factor to become productive at work. To be at the top of your game, your physical health must also be at the top of the game. Some of the simplest but best tips gathered from multiple gurus are the following:

1) stand up from your chair every few minutes to keep the blood flowing;

2) ingest chewable iron supplements, vitamin pills, and other brain food to keep your brain sharp and your body resistant to illness; and

3) constantly exercise to make up for the hours and hours you are merely sitting down at work.

The machine needs to be always oiled up and ready to go. Hiccups and clogs are never ideal if you want to reach the end of your journey. If you want to be the best, you must have the perfect and ample vehicle to trek the hard road.

person meditating with a dog

Mental Health

Reducing stress is a must-do to keep your head above water. Stress is inevitable in most corporate, financial, and marketing work. Keeping your mind in tip-top shape by doing meditation and breathing exercises are a few of the best and simplest advice most successful businessmen give to get through a hard day.

Aside from keeping your mind in focus, you will be able to clean out the distractions from your head and truly keep your attention to the matters at hand. Over time, through meditation, your mind will be able to handle most stressful situations and will let you calmly waddle through the mud that is corporate work. It also helps improve your mood and promote creativity.


Seeking out a mentor always in style for most advice gurus. Finding someone who will pay attention and correct your mistakes personally will be of great help for you to succeed. Most who eventually network their way to a good mentor often accomplish more than those without at least one.

Absorbing advice from one person often is not productive. Although it is a great idea to learn from their mistakes, learning from multiple resource persons is always the correct way to find the niche path you are looking for. You will one day make it through.

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