Learning the Role of Technology in Beer Production

Advancements in industrial machinery and information technology have changed the way we used to go about things. From procedures as simple as freezing to as complex as brewing beer, we have automated everything.

Therefore, being inquisitive creatures, the question that arises in our minds is whether these technological advancements are any good? The answer is yes!

Many industrial procedures initially took years and months. But now, we can accomplish them in days. Furthermore, the margin of human error has also decreased dramatically. Hence, we can fairly say that modern tech can take the industries to the peak. Talking specifically about beer production, the process used to be quite complicated. It took hundreds of laborers to do the job. And even then, mistakes and problems with bad quality arose quite often. Next-gen technology revolutionized these traditional methods and made them more efficient. But how? You might ask. Well, continue reading to find the answer to that question.

Innovation in Beer Production Technology

The brewing industry held its traditional values for over a century. The main reason behind this reluctance to upgrade was the fear of a decrease in quality. Traditional brewers did not want their years’ old recipe to go wrong. Hence, they decided to ignore the digitization and do the production like they had been doing for centuries.

However, this was not practical. Soon, the brands that said no to technology were lagging behind companies that went with the flow. Technology aided the brands in all aspects, from brewing to packaging. Here are some of the most profound impacts tech had on beer production:

Modern Hopping Technology

In the past, farmers who cultivated hops faced a lot of difficulties. As Hops is a tricky plant to grow, farmers often found themselves ruining the crops. Therefore, state of the art technology helped them loads in the cultivation process.

As we know, Hops is one of the key ingredients that decides the final yield of beer produced. Hops need a lot of water to grow. Traditionally, the fields used to be waterlogged, which resulted in many serious problems.

Progressively, engineers developed advanced computerized irrigation systems that helped farmers deploy a precise amount of water. Strata hops 2019 are the perfect example of how we have used technology to generate high-end premium products.

Automated Mashing and Brewing

Technological modifications increase productivity, save energy, and create new products. Similarly, the mashing process used to take days for people to mash the grains manually. The process is now completely automated. By pressing just a few buttons, we can get the machines to do all the hard work for us.

Moreover, professionals regulate the brewing process in automatic kettles where the beer is fermented. They provide complete control over the conditions, making it reasonably straightforward to make precise changes.

And if you think that these changes are minor and make no difference, you are mistaken. Conditions like temperature and water content of the brew need to be precisely regulated. The difference is so apparent that you can feel the efficiency of these innovations in the products’ premium taste.

Revolutionary Packaging

Hand filling bottles and cans was a significant drawback of traditional production processes. In 2021, there are loads of packaging machines that work like a charm. Some devices can fill containers at a speed of up to sixty bottles per minute!

Furthermore, not only does the process save time, but it also saves a lot of energy. It also saves us human resources as a single machine can do the job of over fifty people. Hence, we can easily say that modern tech has taken beer production to the next level when it comes to packaging.

bucket of beer

Eco-Friendly Methods

People argue that the more we mechanize the world, the more we are damaging our environment. The aforementioned statement isn’t entirely true. There is plenty of equipment that artisans have specially crafted with, keeping all eco-friendly methods in mind.

Moreover, some craft brewers are now facilitating anaerobic digestion, which liquidates around 90 percent of all pollutants in the water used. Hence, we can conclude that we have made advancements in beer production tech without inflicting harm upon our planet.

Modern Tech in the Brewing Industry

There are two contrasting opinions regarding technology’s influence on traditional procedures, such as beer production—one in favor of tech, and the other against it. Given the simplicity and the ease of work that technology has brought for us, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Not to mention that the accuracy achieved by a machine is far more precise than what is achieved by a human. Keeping all these factors in mind, which side do you belong to?

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