Making Your Home Office the Most Comfortable Room in the House

When have you started working from home? Did you use your dining table as your “home office”? More than 20 months after the coronavirus pandemic was first announced, and don’t we all think it’s time to get back to our lives? Unfortunately, with new variants and outbreaks on the loose, we can’t very well just return to the office when we feel like it. Many of us are still working remotely from home with no way out from the distractions that our families present. So why not do a little project for yourself this holiday? The best gift you can give yourself and even your family (so you don’t hoard the dining table) is to make a comfortable home office where you can stay be and productive all day.

Don’t feel bad if you do not have an extra room to turn into your home office. Even that dining room table can become your office if you use the right furniture, lighting, etc. It’s all about knowing and understanding what makes you comfortable while working.

The Right Temperature

Are you working while sweating or while chilling to your bone? It’s almost winter in most parts of the world. So, if you’re working while wrapped in a comforter, that’s not a very comfortable way to write reports, right? Turn on the heater to get the temperature, wherein you will be able to work. In fact, you can also use this time to call an air conditioner repair specialist to take a look at your cooling system. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, this is the perfect time to do that.

Ergonomic Chair and Table

Be kind to your back and invest in an ergonomic chair and table. This should have been your first investment when you learned that you would be working from home. Imagine sitting on the sofa or your dining room chair or bed while working. Sure, you are young and able but don’t abuse your body. If you’re constantly experiencing back pain, don’t be shocked. Your body was not meant to sit at the angle you are subjecting it to. Get yourself a nice chair and table that are designed to fit your body.

Stable Internet Connection

man working remotely

Is there anything more annoying than an unstable Internet connection? Not only does it affect your productivity, but it also disrupts your time management. It also stresses you out. There are a few things in your work life more stressful than having to submit a report then finding out you do not have an Internet connection. Your boss might not even believe this “excuse.” So invest in a stable Internet connection. You’ll never have to face the problem of being unable to send an email because of a weak signal.

Natural Light

Employees don’t realize how much natural light they need until they actually go outside their offices and work there. That’s what many people realized when they started working from home. They realized what they were missing out on in the past decades. Don’t rely on ambient lighting when working at home. If you have access to natural light, place your table somewhere near a window.

Outdoor Space

If possible, work outside on the deck or patio. This isn’t just because of the natural light. You need to breathe fresh air, too. Locking yourself in the basement or attic so you can work is never a good idea. That reduces your productivity. If you notice a drop in your productivity, try working outside. The new work environment and the fresh air will boost your morale and make you want to reach your goals.


Placing plants near where you work is not only going to make you feel more at home, but the plants will also uplift your mood. It’s very easy to lose one’s good mood because of work. With deadlines to meet and bosses micromanaging your every move, your attitude toward work will surely change. However, surrounding yourself with nice blooms and shrubs can improve your mood. Add to the fact that plants remove toxins from your work area, and there’s no reason not to add plants to your work area.

This work-from-home situation might be for the long-term, so make sure that your home office is as convenient and comfortable as possible. Adding a few devices and the right furniture will surely make your home office a haven. This is a long-term investment so make sure that you think of the right ways to make your home office a place where you can be productive. Remember that your work productivity is tied to your work environment.

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