Must-Have Equipment for Any Mechanic

Mechanics must have technical knowledge and skill in their craft to perform their duties effectively and have the proper tools to do their job effectively and efficiently. Every mechanic worth their salt knows that buying their tools is essential to providing quality service to their customers without having to worry about loss, neglect, and misuse of their tools.

While there are numerous tools that you can buy to build your toolset, you must start with the necessary tools before purchasing specialised tools made for particular situations. Additionally, some of these tools are versatile and can even be used outside automobile repair and maintenance. It is also essential to keep in mind that tools are an investment in both time and money. Hence, it is important never to buy a cheap tool as this can break easily after a couple of uses and even damage whatever it is your fixing even more.

But what are some tools that you’ll need? Here are some essential specialised tools.

Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is also called an impactor or impact gun. It is a power tool that is precisely engineered to allow its users to remove even the tightest bolts effortlessly. This tool is also effective against areas that are susceptible to rust, such as caliper bolts and ball joints.

Blow Torch

A Blow torch can be useful when removing rusted bolts by encouraging a chemical reaction that loosens the bolt when properly applied. Make sure to buy a blow torch that allows for easy gas canister replacement, as this can save you a lot of time and money.

Welding Helmet

Sometimes, the process of welding objects can have a lasting effect on the eyes. In some cases, metal fumes can also have a lasting impact on your respiratory system if you’re not wearing any protective gear. While the typical welding mask is a decent way of protecting your head, you might want to invest in Speedglass welding helmets as a way of protecting you from all kinds of hazards.

Socket Sets

Socket sets are essential for just about every tool in your arsenal. This fact is even more apparent when you purchase coloured socket sets as this can save you both time and hassle of guessing which socket sizes they are, especially once the number markings wear off.

Ratchet Extender

Ratchet extenders allow its users to tight or loosen a bolt in hard to reach areas. Using a standard ratchet for areas under the car will often lead to bolts not being tight enough and not to mention the sheer amount of frustration it causes. This extension can also be removed and attached whenever appropriate.

Mechanic Gloves

It’s no secret that mechanical work is dangerous and dirty work, especially to your hands. So it’s crucial to have a pair of durable and trusty mechanic gloves that you can rely on to protect your hands from bruises, scratches, and from oils and chemicals that might leak.


Vise-grips are handheld clamps that look similar to pliers but make no mistake; this tool is far more versatile than ordinary pliers. This tool’s usefulness shines when you need to hold a wire in an awkward position or if you need to grab something else without having to worry about letting go. The vise-grip has a locking feature that, once applied, will lock its grip into place indefinitely.


When working under cars or in any dark place, a head-flashlight can free up both your hands to carry and use your tools and will allow you to work in every nook and cranny without having to worry about bringing an unwieldy flashlight.

Wire Stripper

Owning a pair of wire strippers can be life-changing, especially if you do numerous electrical and soldering work. This tool is designed to adjust to cables of multiple sizes and allows you to strip the outer layer of a wire effortlessly without breaking a sweat.


Funnels might be the least technologically advanced tool on this list, but make no mistake, despite the funnels’ simplicity, it is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal. Funnels can help mechanics pour any liquid and oil without the fear of spilling and making a mess of things.

Although mechanic work might be dirty, it is also equally important to keep your work station as clean as possible, and funnels are one of the many ways to do this.

mechanic working on the engine bay of a car

Mechanic work can be difficult, but it will make any project seem a lot easier with these tools. Furthermore, it is also vital that you keep these tools clean at all times to prevent any rust and damage. Lastly, never forget that to use these tools, proper research properly, and most importantly, a lot of practice must be applied to prevent damaging the tools and hurting yourself.

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