Simple Business Ideas for a Family of Entrepreneurs

The members of your family are the only people in the world that you trust the most. Therefore, if you want to start your own business, why should you not partner with them?

A family business is multigenerational. Every decision made regarding the present and future of the family business must involve the input of everyone, both young and old and whether related by blood or marriage.

If you are looking to start a business with your family, here are a few ideas.

Professional Cleaning

There is always a need for professional cleaning services. Parents who are busy at work may call on your help to keep their homes tidy. Other local business owners will hire your services to sanitize their offices. There will always be a demand for professional cleaning services.

There are several cleaning franchise opportunities available to anyone who wants to start a business. Clients can choose to hire your team to take care of their properties once a week or once a month. You may also offer your services to homeowners only or exclusively to businesses.


Is your backyard the envy of the entire neighborhood? Do your neighbors call on you for advice and help whenever they encounter a problem in their lawn? You might have future success starting a landscaping business.

This sort of business does not require huge capital, just your existing knowledge on how to care for plants and how to manage lawns. The majority of your clients will be affluent homeowners who appreciate the value of having a well-kept lawn but neither have the time nor the vision and skill to transform the space.

Part of your job may include lawn mowing, sod installation, weeding, pest control application, and landscape design. Like cleaning services, landscaping is a pretty lucrative industry that will always have customers.

Bed and Brekfast

Bed and breakfast

Families who want to enter the hospitality industry may open a bed and breakfast. Whether you want to convert your ancestral home into a charming overnight accommodation or plan to acquire a property near a tourist destination, a bed and breakfast is a great business for families.

You will need a couple of spare rooms (at least four) in your property if you want to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Moreover, you should be comfortable enough to share your home with strangers.

Managing a bed and breakfast will not be easy. Just like a hotel, the rooms need to be cleaned and sanitized before a guest arrives and after they leave. Plus, you have to cook breakfast for your guests every morning. In order to convince guests to stay with you and not in a fancy hotel or a cheap motel, your property should have a unique personality.

An Apple Orchard

An apple orchard is a place that many people would like to visit to chill and experience picking apples directly from the tree. You can charge an entrance fee and also sell products like apple preserves, candy apples, apple pies,  apple cider vinegar, and others.

To find the right business opportunity for your family, look at your strengths and weaknesses. If your kids have no interest in landscaping, it is unlikely that they will enjoy working in and then managing a landscaping business. Go with what everyone is passionate about so you can involve every member of your family.

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