Top Online Certificate Courses to Take to Boost Your Career

If you’re job hunting or looking to change careers, listing certifications on your resume is a fantastic way to bump your credentials and increase your chances of getting hired straight away — acting as evidence of your experience and skills.

Whether you’re looking to transition to becoming a videographer and make stunning wedding videos or work as a consultant for a data centre and energy monitoring company, joining an online certification program is a great choice.

If you have extra time on your hands and want to give your career a much-needed boost, explore these online certification programs.

Video Editing

If you’ve always wanted to be a videographer, a great stepping stone to that would be editing videos. It’s a fun and lucrative skill that you can learn at home, and it’s one of the most in-demand jobs in today’s digital age. Courses like Udemy can help you edit and manipulate footage on a professional level, no matter your experience, teaching you everything you need from specific camera styles to how you can place them into production.


Although learning coding may sound intimidating, it’s a relatively simple system when it comes to basic codes. Anyone, from a fashion blogger to a journalist, can learn how to code, and it’s always a great addition to your resume. It’s one of the most valuable skills you can learn from home, opening new opportunities for you as a professional. There are several free courses, like the ones from Codecademy, that gives you an easy-to-navigate and understand programs that will provide you with a good grasp of the basics, and you can expand from there.

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Digital Marketing Specialisation

If you have the knack for bringing people in and are tech-savvy, learning about digital marketing can be a great course to take. Certification courses can help you better understand how marketing works in the digital world, allowing you to create campaigns for specific audiences in ways that nobody has seen before.

Graphic Design Specialisation

One of the most lucrative careers you can dive into is graphic designing, and it’s more than just mastering Adobe programs. Taking this program will help you learn about foundational skills, including typography, compositions, and colour/shape theory, allowing you to create digital art and photoshop existing images to bring the best out of each picture. You can start working as a freelancer or apply for companies as they’re likely always on the lookout for a talented graphic designer.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an in-demand skill that many modern businesses seek and implement in their marketing campaigns, making it a great certification program to grab. Taking this course will help you build a technical and strategic understanding of social media ecosystems that shape conversations around a business, build and maintain loyalty, and attract new clients.

There are several courses like the one from Hubspot that will help you gain the skills and give you a recognised certification to use social media and improve influence in your current job or employability in the same niche.

These programs and certifications are great tools for professionals or fresh graduates looking to improve their resumes, change careers, or gain new skills and knowledge, giving you the much-needed boost, ensuring long-term success and growth.

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