What Makes a Good Process Server?

When the authorities need to look up a list of process servers for a case or filing, there is a good chance that they also have a list of preferred process servers versus those that are last-resort options. That, of course, leads to the question, what are preferred process servers, and what makes a good process server? Those are also questions the attached video helps to explain and answer in a little more detail.

For the basics of what makes a good process server, the answer can be simplified in a couple of short sentences. As such, a good process server is someone who follows the correct channels when performing their tasks.

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Additionally, a good process server will ensure the proper delivery of the paperwork along with an explanation of what the paperwork entails.

That is the essence of being a good process server, minus many of the minute details the aforementioned video covers. It is also worth noting, as our video also touched upon, that it is important to respond and not evade process servers. Avoiding process servers will not stop the legal process and may also result in more difficulty for anyone who attempts to do so as well.


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