A List of Ski Clothing Essentials

Winter is upon us once again! What better way to spend the snowy holidays than a trip to the winter wonderlands? And with snow comes along an exhilarating list of winter activities, with skiing on top of your mind.

Outdoor enthusiasts such as yourself will look forward to the overall alfresco experience: hitting the slopes and enjoying the white scenery. However, if you’re a first-timer, you should know how to dress up against the elements and protect your body from unwanted incidents.

Fear not because here are some ski wardrobe essentials:

1. Thermal Base Layer

The base or first layer is like a skintight bubble that traps heat, especially if your body is inactive. It serves as a thermal layer that will keep moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortable in plummeting temperatures. It should be a highly breathable fabric fitted to maintain a warm microclimate between the material and your skin.

2. Mid Layer

Similar to the base layer, the mid-layer also has its insulating properties. The difference, however, is this layer is most likely the most interchangeable one.

You have three primary choices, and you can change them according to the current weather. You could have a lightweight fleece or synthetic jacket for a more humid climate, and down jacket for the bristling cold. Whichever way you go, you mustn’t miss this crucial insulating layer.

3. Ski Jacket

In the typical 3-layer ski clothing system, the outermost layer is the ski jacket. Functionally, it is usually wind and water-resistant for the sole purpose of maintaining a comfortable temperature. It serves as your body’s “shell” while being stylish.

Speaking of stylish, Bogner offers some of the best ski jackets in the market. Their Fire+Ice Collection also treats its wearers, and it’s for both men and women. Who says that bundling yourself up can’t make you look fashionable?

4. Ski Goggles

In addition to having a snug yet comfortable mask over your face, you might also want to consider to protect your eyes against snow debris and harsh sunlight. With that, your best bet is a trusty pair of ski goggles.

This protective lens will serve as your savior against changing weather conditions and other environmental hindrances that can damage your eyes. These days, brands are also offering interchangeable lenses for different conditions.

5. Ski Helmet

snow skiing

Helmets are instrumental in one’s safety in various activities; skiing is no different. Hence, whether you are a newbie or a veteran, a protective helmet is a prerequisite to your ski ensemble. When looking for the right headgear, it should fit snugly, leaving no room for shaking. Do not think twice about protecting your head!

In Skiing, Safety Is Your Priority

The style might be a factor when considering the given articles of protective gear and clothing, but always remember that these are designed for you and your body’s protection against the cold climate. That being said, while skiing is a fun activity, your safety should always be at the top of your list!

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