Business Survival in a Pandemic: How Companies are Thriving

You’ve heard a lot of people say, “When the going gets rough, the tough get going.” And while that adage may be applicable in just about any human endeavour, it speaks of our marketing woes in the time of the coronavirus. And it’s never been more fitting. Marketing has always been an uphill climb. This has been most apparent in fierce rivalries in the industry. A classic example is the Pepsi Cola – Coca Cola wars. But it never reached such catastrophic proportions as today’s pandemic. Not only are people’s movements restricted, but people are also surrounded by fear.

To survive in this pandemic, therefore, is a marketing act to the highest degree of difficulty. Many companies have folded, but there are ways your brand could stay relevant in this difficult year for global commerce. There are steps you could take to make your crisis marketing strategy could prove to be beneficial to your organization’s existence.

Do not Neglect Your Online Presence

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You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you abandon your online presence now. The streets have been drastically drained of foot traffic. As people face the fearsome prospects of getting the virus, staying at home has become more logical as the days go by. With all that came an unprecedented rise in internet use. As a quarter of the world was under lockdown orders, statistics show the number of people going online has risen to as much as 70%.

Now, more than ever, people are tuning in to what the internet can offer. The fact that people’s movements have been limited only means more and more are seeking entertainment online. Indeed, online consumption is rising to the stratosphere. As musical events are banned, such enterprising talents as John Legend and Coldplay’s Chris Martin are offering scaled-down home concerts. And they’re getting all the audience they can handle.

It would be best if you strengthen your brand’s online presence now more than ever. Explore tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies such as Google Ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As these platforms are technical, getting an SEO consultant should be wise. Not only would you do away with all the hassle of learning a new skill from scratch with the right professionals working for you, but you will be able to maximize your operational costs with regard to your online presence with ease.

Bring People Together

As the business landscape is changing, you should also be able to adapt your marketing copy. Most of America’s big cities have been transformed culturally. There’s no traditional nightlife as we know it for one. So the spirit of adventure of meeting strangers has also been quashed. People are afraid to mingle with people you don’t know.

In that vein, the scenario for almost everyone has shifted to dwelling places and family. Making the most of this shift can get your brand stand out. This is how IKEA, the seventh-largest retailer in the whole world, crafted its message during the pandemic. It focused on the home as a refuge during these trying times. By doing so, it stayed relevant in people’s eyes.

Additionally, the Irish Guinness saw that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day would be like no other. Ireland has been aggressively promoting bar closures amidst the restrictions. So Guinness tweaked its marketing copy. It encouraged its patrons to “lift one another” during these trying times just as they would a good glass of wine. Further, the company pledged to give $1 million to help first responders and hospitality workers.

Use Texting

Lastly, you may not have thought of it, but texting is getting a lot of attention these days. And we’re talking about successful marketing campaigns. It may be old-fashioned in this age of social media and mobile gadgetry, but text marketing has been driving a lot of brands upfront. Thanks to consumer’s reliance on their smartphone to order online, text marketing is getting a lot of attention. It has its distinct advantages too. ;

Emails, even with their massive sales pitches, are rarely read. But texts are proving to be better at getting the message across. One reason for this is texts can reach people even without the internet. Jack-in-the-Box is one fine example of a company that has made a killing using text messages. By looking into the location info of a text message, the company is able to tailor its customer offers to fit the geographical location of a customer.

Marketing has certainly become more challenging during the pandemic. But with the right methodology, the prospects of making your brand relevant at these trying times could be brighter than ever.

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