Computing Devices are Not for Sharing Anymore

There was a time when people had no problem sharing their computers with others. It was something acceptable more than a quarter-century ago, but these days you would have to think twice before handing someone your keyboard and mouse. You do not need to have undergone online Cisco ACI training for you to know that your computing devices today are not for sharing anymore.

Computers Have Become More Personal

The personal computer was touted as such partly because it brought to the home hardware with immense processing power. This type of device used to be reserved for enterprises that use mainframes to do their number crunching. What used to be housed in secured rooms with storage drives the size of cabinets is now shrunk to the size of a tower that you can place on top of your desk.

Later on, the world would witness further miniaturization of the computer in the form of a laptop. As the name suggests, it now comes in an all-in-one form that you can carry anywhere and small enough to comfortably sit in your lap.

These days the internet has practically taken over the world. It has become a necessity for many, and there are now more ways to access it. Your main computing device is no longer limited to a desktop or a laptop. Smartphones and tablets are more portable yet powerful enough to rival the more traditional computers. People are spending more time in cyberspace with the computing device of their choice, and this is one reason why computers have become more personal.

There are different types of websites that are mindful of your preferences, and it is best if you have your own hardware if you want to have yours stored in the system.

Also, people have become more dependent on computers as the place where they store private stuff like pictures and private information. Letting another person use your computer, even if it is your loved one, could greatly compromise the safety of those files.

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Profiles and Privacy

If you do not have a problem sharing your computer, it is highly recommended to create another user profile. You can switch out of your account and let the other person use or create an account of his own. This way, you can keep your settings and preferences so you can come back anytime without being surprised by unexpected changes.

With the things going around the internet, people have a great concern about privacy. They know that data is being collected to enhance the online experience, but they also are worried about having their private information used by unauthorized people. For that matter, privacy in the online space involves you choosing who you give your consent to when it comes to collecting and sharing personal data.

Security Measures

What kind of measures do you have to implement if you want to be safe from those with malicious intent? Using security software from reputable companies is fine, for they can help weed out unwanted programs on your computer. On your end, you have to be vigilant and look out for telling signs of the presence of malware.

It is not recommended for you to store very sensitive information on your computer, like your social security number. But if you must, one option is to have a spare computer you can use just for storing files, and this one should never connect to the internet. It is pricey, but it is a simple no-nonsense solution.

People’s lives are now heavily linked to their computers and the internet. For this reason, there should be an increased effort to keep your information secure. This is why computers, whether big or pocket-sized, are no longer fit for sharing. It is far too easy and convenient these days to make a mistake that can cost you.

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