All Dads Deserve a Personal Blog for Their Shenanigans

The world’s been rocking left and right for the past few months now, and there’s no telling what else is to come. But, at the very least, many families have found some semblance of normalcy and even fun at home despite the circumstances. In fact, you can go so far as to say that many fathers across the world are up to their old shenanigans again, dropping dad jokes and discovering quirky ways to spend the summer vacation.

Surprisingly, though, not too many dads have connected having fun and immortalizing their crazy experiences with personal blogs. And while this idea is by no means innovative or new, there’s a thought that not too many fathers give it a chance to shine. They lose out on a lot of excitement and action by brushing it off like a nonessential.

#1 Help Keep Things in Perspective

Reason number one is that starting a personal blog to keep track of everything the family does helps keep things in perspective. With all the problems you’re trying to manage every single day and the stressors of life weighing down on your consciousness, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how effective a simple blog can be at calming your mind and reinvigorating your soul. Of course, it won’t have the same soothing touch as a loving back rub, but it will start pulling on those love strings.

  • A Safe Space When Feeling Stressed: Nobody likes stress, and it’s pretty difficult to look for an outlet nowadays, given that some gyms aren’t in full swing and you can’t go out with all the buddies unless everyone’s taken their second dose. However, the blog you decide to start now will most certainly feel like a safe space you can always retreat to whenever you’re feeling stressed. Plus, it can be guaranteed that your kid will be ecstatic every time you take the chance to open it.
  • A Journal for All Your Beloved Memories: While Instagram and Facebook can work well as an online drop-off for your intended photos and memories, nothing comes close to creating a blog because you get to add a personal touch. It’s a much better journal for every journey you go on. There’s also no limit to describing and narrating the events that happened that day. Plus, once you hit your golden years, one trip to the blog website will bring you back to memory lane.

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#2 Learn New Things and Stay Connected

Reason number two is that starting a personal blog can help you learn new things you would’ve never encountered. It can also help you stay connected online. While many don’t like the stereotype of dads (or parents in general) of not being as tech-savvy or up-to-date, it holds some truth concerning trends or if you weren’t too fond of gadgets to begin with. Therefore, it’s an excellent place to push those learning gears into overdrive.

  • Improve Your Technical Skills: Every new day ahead of us is a chance to learn. Even starting a personal blog has its objective benefits, such as improving your overall technical skills. From writing, basic advertising to online audience engagement, you’ll find these modern-day technical skills integrating into your profession as well.
  • Up-to-date with the Trends Your Kids Know: From the never-ending onslaught of TikTok trends to learning the fresh faces of memes on the internet, there’s seemingly no end to keeping up with what’s in and out. But, by starting a personal blog, you’ll find yourself a lot more knowledgeable of the current stuff your kids know about. You might even get the chance to school them on the latest Netflix specials.

#3 Potentially a Successful Business in the Making

Reason number three is that starting a personal blog has the capacity of catching some steam and potentially turning into a successful business. Sure, it will probably take a lot of effort and time before you take to the spotlight. But it’s a possibility that will always linger, and the algorithm might swing in your favor. All you need is a fun personality and to wait for a chance to share your family’s most fun moments with the world.

  • Building a Loyal Following: At first, you might reply to comments on your blog or go through the shareable Facebook links and their associated comments. However, once you start to build a loyal following, you’ll be surprised at how well blogging can become passive income. In fact, you can find yourself skimming through social media solutions to widen your reach.
  • Getting Brand Deals and Sponsorships: One of the most reliable ways online influencers generate income is through brand deals and sponsorships. With enough effort, your personal blog might get the chance to start with affiliate links and slowly work your way up. Of course, don’t expect to start raking in the big deals any time soon, so keep at it and stay diligent.

Start Small but Dream Big

Overall, there’s so much you can do with a personal blog that it’s a shame not too many dads give it a chance. So let these three specific advantages be your reminder that the online world needs a lot more fatherly love. Don’t forget the fun you and your family can have.

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