Digital Marketing Can Help Your Customers Overcome the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a life and death situation, and many see it as a seemingly impossible situation. Any way you look at it, COVID-19 has affected people from all walks of life. Not only has the virus claimed millions of lives worldwide, but it is also putting you in a corner, literally. Your business is now hanging on to dear life as patrons and customers are hard to find. Worse, the scenario seems to be bleaker by the day as Americans fall one by one, endangering your very survival in the process.

Of course, it all boils down to developing customers continuously. But that is easier said than done. Already a quarter of small business entrepreneurs are detailing in an NFIB research that they’re being compromised. They have to deal with supply chain issues and trickling sales, not to mention sick employees.

Fortunately for you, there are a thousand and one ways you can stay connected with your patrons and explore new clients via the digital world. Put the right strategies in the mix and outlasting the pandemic should be just a matter of time.

Show You Care

At the very core of a business is caring for its clients and workers. It’s the core of business leadership. As experts put it, those that care more attract more business. It’s a simple truth. When you go the extra mile to show you care, your brand gains patronage. And there’s no most opportune time to show you care than these times.

Thus, it’s important to show you care. Reach out. Send your patrons an email telling them the things you’re doing to protect them from the virus. You can also post signages in your store about your care plan to ensure your customers stay safe when shopping.

It’s important that you show how earnest you are in ensuring safety. You can go a step further. Let the world know how your employees are observing health protocols in your establishments.

In these uncertain times, collecting feedback from your customers can go a long way in establishing your caring strategy. A great way to get this done is via tried-and-tested questionnaire software. By tapping this online platform, you are able to gather and analyze customer data effectively in no time at all. And adjust your business approach in the process.

One caveat: Make sure your survey is not about promoting your brand but about comforting them. A crisis can be the worst time to promote. For instance, you can do a survey on what they think about wearing face shields and other health protocols. Or on ways to stay active while in lockdown. By taking time to get their feedback, you’re showing that you really care about them. And are not leaving them in the dark.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Whether you like it or not, people are increasingly into social media these days. Why? Simply because they have more time to do it. People are feeling the pinch of staying indoors for months on end. Thus, they will explore all avenues to entertain themselves and make their time worthwhile.

Additionally, there’s the case for information. People want to know the latest about the virus about their family’s safety. And the fastest way to connect with everyone that matters is social media.

In this regard, you’d be wise to create more social media posts than before to show up in their news feeds. By staying relevant in social media, your brand increases in stature. Just make sure you’re posting positive content.

Widen Digital Offerings

This is not the time to slack off. As business comes to a trickle in your brick-and-mortar store, it’s high time you get your digital marketing in high gear. You can do this with the help of social media. But you should not limit yourself to one digital channel.

While phone and email support are good, there are other ways you can explore to widen your online presence. For one, you can maximize Zoom and other videoconferencing apps. Guides and how-tos are a great way to connect with your audience. What’s key here is you’re providing ways to help your client.

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Offer a Discount

A coupon or discount at this time can be spot on in this time of need. Offer one if you already have an e-commerce site. Alternatively, you can also make the most of gift certificates sold online if you don’t have an online store. You can have your customers use it when purchasing from your store. Or you can also have products delivered to them if the brick-and-mortar store is still unavailable.

Indeed, digital offers many ways to reach out to your customers. At a time when business is basically limited, it is one lifeline you should maximize on. It’s all about showing you care for your customers for your brand to last and overcome this great divide.

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