Digital Pandemic: How Technology is Helping the Fight Against COVID-19

The pandemic is truly an unprecedented time. While this isn’t the first time a pandemic occurred, it’s the first one during the beginning of the 21st century. It’s affected the economy in ways which the world hasn’t seen before; it’s affected people in ways that already surpassed the Spanish Flu pandemic of before.

There are people who are trying to make the most out of this situation and live their lives as normal. They have access to different things to do and work to accomplish because of the digital landscape. Some companies may have to rely on PR services for their technology needs, which is a good thing; others do, however, make their services known simply by offering it as an alternative to the normal times before.

If you’re stuck at home and you’ve got a computer, you’ve already won the battle against the many lockdowns and restrictions brought about by the pandemic. Here’s why.

You can work remotely.

There are a lot of businesses that rely heavily on web services and digital technology to operate. Almost every company has some form of digital work that needs to be done. During this age, the pandemic can’t stop companies who deal with the digital landscape.

Servers can now be accessed from home while people can also bring their offices home with them. There are some companies that had no other recourse but to close, but there are those that managed to stay afloat because they can shift from office to remote office.

These companies make the best of the tech that’s been developed since before the pandemic. Even the pandemic cannot make these companies close because of this adjustment.

Mobility is a cure for companies.

Companies wouldn’t be able to bring home the office if devices were still rooted in the office; the rise of the mobile lifestyle has made going nomadic digitally easier. People are able to bring their work even to coffee shops and yes, even on the beach, if they were ever stuck there during the pandemic.

This new workspace wasn’t developed overnight. A lot of work went into creating new devices and technology that helped people adapt to this new lifestyle. But it’s been big for those who were dying to embrace this kind of working set-up, and there’s never been a look back for the ‘digital nomads’ ever since.

Bigger bandwidths also help.

Another tech that the remote workers and the home office rely heavily on is the augmented bandwidth. It’s true that you must have a good connection and a strong router, yes, but all that relies heavily on a network that’s guaranteed not to fail.

Just because there’s a pandemic, that doesn’t mean people’s concerns in terms of their finances and other needs stop. Remote workers solve that from their homes, but they can’t do it if they rely on a weak network. That’s why this is as important as the very devices these workers use.

The pandemic may have locked down most people in their homes, but telecommunications companies rose to this new challenge. Most of them have made their connections better in that short period.

Timely information helps ease doubts.

It’s important to be transparent and timely during the pandemic because people are wracked with anxiety and doubts. Clear messaging is also critical to make sure that the information the populace needs to know reaches them and doesn’t go unheard.

There are different ways to do this, but most have found their way on the web. Most of this information contains what to do when someone has COVID-19 or where the hot spots are. Clear communication needs to be implemented to help protect people from getting the virus.

man working remotely

Pointing those that need help in the right direction.

Aside from informing them on what to do, technology has helped by giving them information on which hospitals can take on patients with cases of COVID-19. Now that the vaccines are being distributed, this has evolved to telling people where they can get the shots or how they can secure a dosage.

AI has been crucial in helping with the development of these vaccines. Companies like Google and Deepmind as well as institutes like the Allen Institute for AI have been at the forefront of helping researchers develop more effective vaccines.

There is a different lens through which people look at the tech being developed recently. Some might see these as exciting for the future of entertainment, but really, it is important that they be used to help in the fight against COVID-19. Hopefully, in the future, technology will also be crucial in helping stop a pandemic dead in its tracks before it spreads.

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