Driving with Kids or Seniors? These Car Upgrades Will Keep Them Safe

When adding safety features to your car, you should consider every type of passenger that you ferry. If you have children, elderly, or disabled family members, you must think of ways how they can safely enjoy the trip, too.

Before fitting your vehicle with more safety features, make sure that you already applied for auto insurance in Sandy or wherever you live. Once your car is insured, you can start upgrading it for safety.

Hands-free phone mount

Be a safe driver first before improving the safety of passengers. Install a hands-free phone mount and avoid being part of the statistics of injury and death due to distracted driving-related car crashes.

With just a single click from the Bluetooth-connected toggle in your steering wheel, you can make or receive calls, switch music, or set your GPS without having to look away from the road.

Car safety technologies

Preventing road accidents requires tools that can predict them. Modern cars now come with smarter safety technologies, such as blind-spot detection, lane departure warning, and forward-collision systems, which can reduce the risk of collisions by up to 27 percent.

Luckily, owners of old cars can purchase aftermarket upgrades for affordable prices as the demand for car safety tech continues to go up.

All-angle guidance cameras

The best kinds of dashboard cameras and rearview guidance cameras are those that offer high-definition video quality, show an exact date and time stamp, and have a lock file button and a G-Sensor to lock, mark, and save video footages of an impact. It also helps if they have motion detection for parking assistance and GPS capabilities that help locate an accident on the map.

kid car seat

Car booster seats for kids

When you bring a child with you to your weekend road trips, buckling them in isn’t enough — they have to be secured inside their booster seat for maximum safety.

For toddlers up to the age of eight, sitting in a booster seat while buckled in greatly benefits them in cases of accidents,  as the elevation distributes the crash force throughout the strongest parts of their body.

Dimmed instrument panel

It might be a trivial topic, but for older drivers, dimming the instrument panels contributes greatly in seeing the details when road conditions aren’t favorable. Upgrading the instrument panel lighting to LED also makes the details look sharper and clearer.

It’s also a helpful accessibility feature when safety amenities are indicated with guidance lights. Install lights on seatbelts, door handles, and steering wheels so they can be seen even under the darkest environment.

Car kit and seat upgrades

If you frequently transport elderly passengers, then you should consider enhancing your car for added mobility and accessibility. Install more grab bars and support handles for extra grip. Fit your upholstery with swivel seats to avoid unhealthy twisting when getting out of the car. Also, upgrade to three-point seatbelts that secure the chest, waist, and the lap.

Body modifications such as upgrading to traction tires and buying brighter assistive headlights also help make your journey safer.

Make your car more accessible with these safety upgrades so that more passengers can enjoy the ride just as much as you do.

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