The Merits of Using Stone Fireplace Mantels

You just browsed through the web and saw some antique stone fireplace mantels. Now, you feel like you needed that old fireplace a real makeover. And you are more decisive now.

Stone fireplace mantels, either antique or modern, offer a different value to your home. Yes, they are indispensable during the cold months. But they also magnify the aesthetic value of your abode to levels you would only dream of.

Clear Benefits

Fireplaces provide warmth. They add coziness and serenity. Mantels secure those.

1. They are the Safest.

Stone has always been known to be the safest among many materials used in fireplaces. To build a functional, durable, and useful fireplace, you need to add the strength of stone. Consequently, a mantel made of stone advances that safety even further. Such mantels are made of a three-sided fixture that can hold on its own. They are stable, sturdy, and low maintenance.

2. They are Elegant.

Of course, stone mantels are visually appealing. They come in natural earth colors that match so well with the interior designs of a home. Its legs alone add some comfort and style that seem to blend easily with your décor. It is no denying that stone mantels are inherited from the days past (the sixteenth century), and they still carry with them that classical lavishness.

Some Design Tips

stone fireplace mantel

Improving your fireplace mantel deserves a well-planned approach. Its look must fit your home’s design and your preference. What stone should you use? Do they need to be that heavy and huge? Any consideration must be looked into.

When it comes to materials, you can choose among natural stone, faux stone, and veneer. Natural stone is arguably the most common and most authentic. It can be made of limestone, quartz, or granite. Faux stone is cast in a mold. It looks like natural stone but is less expensive. It weighs less, too. Veneer is made of stone and a base material. It is light and the easiest to install.

Before you choose a material, weigh some essential elements. When deciding over color and look, ask for samples so that you can compare. It will also help you find the best match for your home’s interior. With weight and size, measure your site. Natural stone is massive compared to veneer. Your site’s base must also be strong enough for natural and faux stones. Another to consider is the finish. Many stone mantels are sealed. Some need more maintenance, while others need to be resealed. Lastly, you must check local building codes. There are specific regulations to follow from town to town or city to city. Some may include rules like a mantel should not touch your window sill or be close to your doorway.

Having a stone fireplace mantel is indeed beneficial utility-wise and design-wise. It serves you well by strengthening your fireplace. It increases your home’s richness in terms of style and comfort. When choosing to make an improvement to your furnace, splurge on that mantel and you will not regret it.

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