Garden Myths and Superstitions Around the World

Whether it be knocking on wood, not walking under the ladder, or throwing salt behind our shoulders, we have done unnatural and weird things because of our superstitious beliefs. And why shouldn’t we believe some of these superstitions? There’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they may even lead to luck. We share many superstitions around the world, with most of them centered around trees and gardens.

It’s no wonder that superstitious people tend to hire tree service in Salt Lake City or other cities. They’d want to know what kind of trees they are growing in their backyard so that they’ll know if these present good or bad luck. Some trees, no matter how big they are, cannot be cut down because it’s considered bad luck to cut down their branches. Many superstitious people have actually decided to renovate their homes because they refuse to cut down a large tree, believing that doing so would bring them bad luck.

It’s no wonder people are superstitious around trees and plants. People are interconnected through trees. Over the years of human existence, society has grown accustomed to creating garden- and tree-related traditions and superstitions.

Knocking on Wood

The tradition of knocking on wood to ward off bad spirits can be traced back to early Germanic pagans. Many cultures and traditions have followed the practice of knocking on wood. According to stories, oak, ash, and rowan were sacred trees protected by deities. Anyone who would knock on these trees will be assisted and protected by the same deities living in the trees.

Parsley’s Bad Luck

Herbs are often heralded for their aromatic and healing properties. Parsley is a particular favorite herb for many people, but some people don’t want to have parsley plants inside their homes. According to folklore, the ability of a person to grow parsley from seed means that person is honest.

But bringing parsley plants inside the house can bring bad luck. You are not supposed to give them as gifts, either. If you want to give parsley plants to your friends, you’ll have to ask them to “steal” it from your garden.

Appease Tree Spirits


Many traditions believe that spirits, deities, gods, and fairies leave in large trees. That’s why if you want to cut down a tree or trim its branches, you will have to ask the tree for permission. Supposedly, you should show respect to those “living” in the trees.

Fairy Trees and Accidents

There are also superstitions around fairy trees. They are called as such because fairies supposedly “dance” around them at night. While these fairies are generally nice to people, they would feel slighted if the trees were cut down.

According to popular folklore, someone who tried to cut a fairy tree to build a factory on the same spot had an accident befell him. When the man started to cut the tree, the chainsaw slipped and cut him. When he tried to run for help, the fence fell on top of him.

Of course, your lives shouldn’t be ruled by superstitions. While it’s generally okay to follow them, they should not stop you from being productive or your days from being fruitful. You shouldn’t only take care of trees because they bring good luck. Trees improve the very air you breathe, relax your mind, and calm your worries.

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