How the Internet Saves Old Companies

It was only a few decades ago that we were shooting for the stars. Now, we are purposely moving towards the unity of the planet. We are now living in the digital age. While considered by many as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Digital Age is a marvel by itself that it deserves a separate era. The digital age is the newest chapter in innovation by the human race that advances our prerogatives more than any known species in our universe. With extraordinary technology that connects everyone, we can command an object to move from one place to another with a simple click of a button.

Many traditionalists and conservatives are wary of the alleged dangers the Digital Age brings — especially the internet. A lot holds many reservations regarding the fast-paced lifestyle the younger generations are living. They allege that even though there are many convenient things the digital age brings, we are too busy to look back and wonder whether we should continue living this kind of life.

Due to the clash of ideas, it is unfortunate that many old industries are getting killed by the internet age. The term “Death by Millennials” is an unfortunate consequence of this invisible conflict. The digital age is rife with differences in ideologies, especially regarding how a business should be run. However, there are a lot of success stories as well.

How is the Internet saving age-old industries?

Being Heard through the Internet: Giving the Power Back

It is important to note that most millennials are in debt. Perceptions are changed significantly when you are in survival mode. The newer generations prefer truly practical products that can give them the most bang for their buck. The quality of the product is always kept in check.

Through the anonymity the Internet provides, honest feedback can be gained from the masses using the Internet. Companies can gain honest reviews and insights through internet users who do not hold back. Before the internet, the old scheme of things was that the company only had a unilateral relationship with its customers.

Whatever the company puts out, the market swallows it up. The market is usually slow to respond to whatever the capitalist provides. However, due to internet mobilization, boycott because of bad market feedback is widely known and ever-present. The companies have more incentive to listen to their consumers now. Old companies that have learned to adapt have caught on and survived. In a way, they are saved.

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Being Known Through the Internet: Gaining Reach

Marketing companies’ products, whether they are old or not, have never been easier. A company like Jim Beam, which has been in the industry since 1795, have adapted and have been saved. Now, through the power of internet marketing, their reach has crossed oceans and boundaries. Going viral always seems to do the trick.

Being creative with a professional video production company and relaying your effort through popular social media websites is only one of the great digital mediums of advertising techniques. It also helps that news regarding these companies’ good CSR projects is advertised and spread through digital methods. It is a win-win scenario for the companies and the people they are helping.

Being Empowered by the Internet: On-time Delivery

Goods delivery via courier is nothing new. One of the greatest wonders of human civilization is the postal service. However, the internet has pumped new blood into the scenario. Through the power of the internet, companies and products that were once dying in obscurity and reach are now made available through online delivery services. With a simple click of a button, you can literally have an authentic live Pacific Geoduck growing in the Pacific Ocean delivered to your apartment in New York. A product like a Fleer NBA card from the 1980s can now be shipped from one place to another. Old companies are gaining life through the power of the Internet.

Being Connected by the Internet: Virtual Handshakes

Through the Internet, collaborations between different types of companies are made easy. Handshake deals between old rival companies can now be cemented even when the companies’ leaders are remote from each other. From their own home’s comforts, managers can give life to the company and lead their own teams. Having complete visual supervision over the company is made unnecessary by the Internet.

The Digital Age, while killing many traditional companies, has stayed its blows against those who have learned to adapt. Being flexible and welcome to change can save any company from oblivion.

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