Technology Changes How the World Does Business in the New Normal

It’s evident that technology has made a powerful impact on businesses, particularly during the global pandemic, but how exactly did it play a part in their success? This is the modern digital era we live in, and gone are the days when traditional business practices bring in great business.

Technology has positively affected businesses not just in terms of marketing, communication, and information, but more importantly, it’s helped revenue growth. Studies have shown that digitally advanced companies have four times more revenue than businesses that don’t. With this being said, let’s take a closer look at how technology changes how the world does business today in the new normal.

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1. Online grocery shopping

In order for customers to stay safe and pave the way for convenience, they’re taking advantage of online groceries. Supermarkets are now offering to get customers’ essentials and necessities to be picked up through couriers. It’s the most convenient and accessible way for customers to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from the pandemic while getting everything they need. This is also an advantage for businesses, given the trend in delivery apps.

A company has more exposure when they offer delivery through any courier as customers will see this as a unique selling point. It’s the core factor why customers will take advantage of your products and choose your brand compared to your other promising competitors. Ecommerce platforms for fast-moving consumer goods and other groceries benefit the market’s safety and these businesses’ employees as it reduces the foot traffic of onsite customers.

2. Food delivery apps

During this new normal, food delivery apps have proven to be more important than we realize. In fact, some people count on them for their regular meals, especially those who don’t have the time to cook or are busy working from home. These food delivery apps get food delivered right to your doorstep, making your everyday life even more convenient and safe during the new normal. You avoid any crowded public spaces and also help restaurant crews stay safe while still patronizing your favorite restaurant.

While food delivery apps all over the world have been making waves even prior to the pandemic, with apps like Doordash or the original rideshare app, Uber branched out to UberEats; they’re significantly more utilized in today’s world. As with any transportation business, there have also been many issues surrounding these apps, with attorneys specializing in Uber accidents growing every day. The business models of these companies continue to improve and speedily implement better business practices, especially in such uncertain times.

3. Education and virtual learning

Online teaching has always existed prior to the global pandemic, especially in the homeschooling and freelance landscape. However, there’s an even more apparent rise in virtual learning during the new normal. Especially as most schools have transitioned from face-to-face classes to online classes, which is the primary way of how educational institutions have changed to adapt to the pandemic. In order to prevent shutting down entirely and still give students the capacity to learn and get the academic systems alive and kicking, teachers all over the globe are now teaching classes virtually for various grade levels.

4. Digital marketing

Traditional marketing includes posters, flyers, email marketing, and even text marketing. While those are still effective strategies, the majority of successes today seen in businesses are primarily because of digital and online marketing. There’s so much power behind creating engaging and captivating posts that attracts a target market to choose a particular brand. If anything, digital marketing is one of the most evident positive impacts that technology has paved for businesses in the new normal.

The pandemic encourages customers to be on their phones and gadgets more than ever since most are just staying at home or working from home. This makes digital marketing more effective when you realize that your target market is scrolling through platforms that offer you comprehensive statistics behind your ad exposure and engagement.

5. Remote work

Similar to educational institutions adapting to online classes, the same goes for multiple business sectors. In order for businesses to continue their operations, employees are transitioning from a physical office setting to a remote one. Either companies provide their employees the necessary equipment and resources to continue working from home, or employees can use their existing laptops to work remotely.

Remote work isn’t just done in some companies, but this was practiced worldwide, especially when the global pandemic had just hit. This ensures a safer working environment for employees while also cutting back on costs and expenses for businesses. Avoiding overhead costs like rent and the cost associated with proper health and safety protocols daily greatly benefits these companies. Remote work proved better for bottom lines all around.

The effects of a technologically enabled world can most certainly be felt in almost all business sectors, whether that’s as drastic as artificial intelligence and automation or even just utilizing better software. These small factors make up the building blocks of navigating the pandemic with your business intact in the new normal.

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