How to Entice Millennial Job Hunters to Choose Your Company Using Social Media

Employers are trying their best to be diverse in employment practices. However, there’s there are some undeniable leverages young adults have. They are enthusiastic, energy-filled, and efficient because they need to strive. In fact, millennials are the largest generation in the US workforce, according to a study.

If you own a company, you may also target millennials to hire. Millennials are one of this generation’s working classes. It’s just right to bank on them. But there’s one thing you need to be reminded of. The hiring process today is very different from how it was years ago. If you’re hiring millennials, you might want to adapt to how this generation hunts for jobs.

One of the most effective strategies is using social media to appeal to millennial job hunters. But how are you going to do it? What are the things you have to do to entice millennial job hunters to choose your company? We’ve listed some tips you can use for your social media manpower sourcing.

Boost your engagement

If you’re going to ask people what makes them trust a social media page, they’d say if it has tons of followers. If you’re a business entity, you should have a decent number of followers on social media. This can boost your trustworthiness. Achieve this feat by increasing your social media engagements. Open interesting topics for your social media posts. Let people engage in an intelligible conversation.

Your social media manager should also know how to increase the number of your followers. The goal here is to be represented in social media as a reputable company. So if job hunters are redirected to your social media pages, they’d see a business entity that looks trustworthy. Then they’d start to think that your company is a place where they could build their careers. This is why it’s essential to boost your engagement on social media. It’ll affect your company’s reputation.

Get creative with ad campaigns

Your social media marketing should be on point to appeal to millennials. You have to squeeze all that creative juices if you’re going to make an ad campaign for your company. Use the trending topics online and build an ad campaign around the subject matter. You can also get help in producing a corporate video that features all the advantages of getting employed in your company. That’s a perfect way to show job hunters how your company differs from others.

Also, millennials love work-life balance. Make ad campaigns that showcase your company’s support on this matter. Feature things like the ways you support working students. Highlight that you entertain employees who want to hone their talents and skills that are unrelated to their jobs. These are just a few examples of getting creative with your social media ad campaigns. Capture the attention of millennial job hunters effectively by being innovative.


Collaborate with online personalities

Your company may have a little budget to hire an internet personality. You can use it to hire someone who has an impact on millennials. Choose someone intelligent and inspiring. This can make your company be the talk among job hunters. There’s something about being endorsed by someone reputable. That can say so much about what principles your company upholds. If you choose an influencer to represent your company, choose a brilliant and insightful one.

Promote employee welfare

It’s important to mention that millennials take holistic wellness seriously. An unhealthy working environment can cause younger generations to leave their jobs. Reports even stated that the latest job quitting spree is mostly made up of Gen Zs and millennials. This proves how much they value their overall health. But one good thing that we can learn from this is that younger generations are lucky to have social media to voice their concerns. This gives them a venue to be vocal about employees’ rights and welfare.

So if you’re going to try to attract millennial job hunters, be an advocate of employee welfare. Emphasize on your social media accounts that you’re always after what’s best for your employees. Highlight your flexible work schedules if you have. Give them a glimpse of how you maintain a non-toxic working environment.

Show them how you give importance to career building. Make it known that you’re an exponent of valuable employee benefits. You can do all these by using your social media so that many can share how you take care of your employees.

It’s easy to spark the interest of millennials. Social media is a powerful tool you can use to call their attention. Showcase the best of your company through social media platforms. Doing this would give your company the potential to be swarmed by millennial job hunters. Just make sure to be true to everything you’re promising online to avoid problems.

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