How to Keep Safe When Using a Space Heater

Heating is an important part of any home. Maintaining the proper room temperature takes some balancing as well as a few essential tools. During hot summer days, the air conditioner is turned on, and the cold air flows through ducts throughout the house. In cold weather, heat is conducted throughout the house as well.

Those without central heating rely on individual heaters or portable heaters, which are located in different parts of the house. Those traveling in campers or caravans also make use of portable heaters.

Heaters, in general, do not need any maintenance. They are designed to be safe to use. These have switches and breakers to prevent overheating. Heaters are also designed to allow for free flowing air. These are design considerations meant to ensure that these heaters are easy to use and do not cause any fires.

Heater Problems

heater repair

The only problem that a heater encounters is when it does not provide any heat, or it provides inadequate heating. When it has inadequate heating, the problem lies in the electronics. When it does not provide heat or it does not warm up, it is most probably a problem with the heating element.

Most appliances nowadays are not meant to be user-serviceable. This means that it does not have any part which a user can repair. If the heater were still under warranty, the company would replace the broken or damaged part. Otherwise, the owner will have to bring it to a heater fix-it shop where it can be repaired. These shops can fix a heater’s broken parts including electronic components and heater elements.

Safe Use

Portable heaters or space heaters are small appliances that try to look that they belong within their location in the room. However, there are some basic precautions to ensure that it is properly used, safe for users and does not cause any fires. The following are the most important points to remember:

  1. Keep a three-feet no-burn and no-children free space around the heater. Make sure that no loose beddings, furniture, paper, wood, curtains and other possible items that can burn are near the device. Never place a portable heater in a kid’s bedroom.
  2. Turn the heater off before going to bed or leaving a room.
  3. Do not place the heater on top of a countertop or a wooden table.
  4. Do not use extension cords with the heater. Always connect the heater directly to the wall outlet.
  5. Make sure that the cord is safe from foot traffic. This helps keep the cord from abrading or getting frayed.
  6. Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors around the house, especially where the heaters are located.
  7. Keep the space heater dry. Do not place it in a wet area or where it can get damp.
  8. Only use electric-powered portable heaters indoors. Oil and gas-burning space heaters should only be used outdoors.

The above guidelines help to ensure that space heaters are properly used without any damage to property or injuries to persons.

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