Innovative Ideas to Boost Brand Awareness in the Pandemic

In more ways than one, the business landscape is like the shifting sands in the desert. You need to be constantly on the look-out for strong winds and storms to navigate your enterprise best. Today, there may be no bigger storm than the coronavirus pandemic. In such a tumultuous time where only the strong survives, keeping yourself together is hard. And that means making sure your brand stays stronger than ever.

Think of it as a timely opportunity. When brands all over America are having a hard time keeping up, it could be a most opportune time for your brand to shine. And shine, brightest.

The good news is that even during these trying times, there are established ways you can boost your brand so it won’t fade away to oblivion. Below are some of the nitty-gritty you can use to etch your brand in the hearts of your clientele base. Or expand it even more.

Gradually Build an Online Audience

Think of the opportunity presented to you. Never before has there been a time when a burgeoning army of consumers is stuck at home. And most likely, they scroll through social media to pass their time and evade boredom.

It’s true. According to reports from Verizon, there is an increase in web traffic by as much as 20% every week. Your brand should take advantage of this effect. This is the time to grow your social media platforms. Expand your online presence. As online has become the go-to place where people are,  you need to cater to this burgeoning presence. Or you could be left out.

Worse, the competition could take advantage of your non-presence. And establish a stronger brand ahead of you.

Get Help via Google Ads

Google Ads is a popular paid ad that allows brands to reach their target audience. The services that Google Ads represent cannot be underestimated. It’s one service you can’t afford not to explore.

Why? When you avail of the service, you piggyback to the internet’s most trusted search engine. Every day, over 3.5 billion searches are done worldwide via Google. That’s 40,000 searches per second. That’s over 90% of the market, leaving other search engines behind.

The best part about Google Ads is you only pay when service is delivered to your end. When someone clicks on your ad online, the reason why it’s called pay-per-click. And the results are simply stunning.

Plus, Google’s ecosystem is vast. It helps you find the right keyword to bid upon with its keyword planner. It even gives you a way to watch your website visits via Google Analytics.

In short, when it comes to promoting your brand, the services of Google Ads is spot on. It’s cheap and efficient.

be on google concept

Partner up with Influencers

Another tried-and-tested method is to increase your brand awareness by partnering up with influencers. Nowadays, when we scroll through our social media, we see people with a huge following endorse a slew of products. This is because these brand ambassadors can be the trusted voice of a product, influencing a huge slice of the market that way.

Meaning, your brand can reach out to other people all over the world. All the while, increasing awareness with just one social media post.

A concrete example is QVC. Knowing the power of influencers, the shopping channel partnered with content influencer network ShopStyle Collective. The result? QVC sees returns in triple-digit. With 400% greater engagement, the plan worked like magic in COVID-19 times.

Use a Packaging that Is Pleasing to the Eye

These days, brands are stepping up their game when it comes to packaging. Branded packaging is not only pleasing to the eye, but consumers will feel elated. It’s more like receiving a gift rather than just a simple order.

This kind of branding is a smart move. It allows customers and consumers to experience the uniqueness of your product. And most importantly, it distinguishes you from other competitors in the market.

 Get Witty and Sign Up on Twitter

While influencers have many brands signing them up, Twitter is a totally different platform. Twitter is like a big microphone showing everybody how you treat your customers. So treat them right.

One great Twitter-verse example of this is Wendy’s. They have a huge Twitter following because of their smart strategy or responding to the audiences who mention their brand. Not to mention roasting bigger brand McDonald’s.

But it surely paid off. Since they started a retweet race with the winner earning a year’s worth of free chicken nuggets, the brand has racked up 970,000 new Twitter followers. That’s telling you looking at its merits during the pandemic is wise. It can boost your brand like no other.

With these ideas in mind, you can gain people’s attention, including potential clients and customers. You can also raise the awareness of your brand, possibly improving your business’s profits.

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