Lucrative Careers You Can Start Without a Degree

The internet has given us plenty of opportunities to earn decently without leaving our couches. But more than that, it allows us to switch careers without needing to get another degree. All we have to do now is look for online courses, programs, and tutorials on how to sell insurance, design a website, build a website from scratch, write content, and market businesses. You can learn new skills and update existing ones. This will empower you to switch to a more lucrative career that will protect you and your family in the future.


A broker is a middleman between a client and another entity. You can become a mortgage broker and help clients find lenders. As a real estate broker, you can negotiate between a homebuyer and seller. Are you good at reading the stock market? You can become a stockbroker, too, although competition is a lot different in that area. As a broker, you usually get .50% of the mortgage amount for a one-year term. That percentage will increase by around .10 for every year added to the term.

For example, you closed a $200,000 four-year fixed mortgage. The commission is at .90% of the amount. That will total to $1,800. By closing the deal, you get a commission of $1,800. That’s on top of your base salary, which is about $55,000 a year.

Online English Tutor

Thanks to teleconferencing tools such as Skype and Zoom, native English teachers have an opportunity to earn by teaching their native language to kids of other nationalities. Right now, Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean kids are enrolling in these online classes. The pay can be anywhere from $10 to $40 per hour, depending on your qualifications and the company you are working for. You can also earn incentives if you can hold as much as 45 classes in a month.

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Insurance Agent

If you have great people skills, you may want to consider becoming an insurance agent. You can either be selling car, life, or health insurance. There are many opportunities for insurance sales representatives seeing as there is a great demand for this particular commodity. The median wage for an insurance agent was around $49,000 last year. The lowest-paid insurance agents get around $27,000 a year while the highest-paid can receive more than $117,000 annually.

But the insurance agents’ income generation capabilities are not dependent on their base salary. They get a commission from selling policies. This is where they can get the bulk of their money. An agent can get as much as 10% to 15% commission on insurance policies.

Virtual Assistants

Companies are moving from the traditional office set up to a relaxed and less expensive work-from-home set up. Many of them are also hiring offshore workers to save on costs. But in the United States, virtual assistants can get paid from $8 to $38 per hour. Your rate will depend on what you can do for the company.

Typically, a virtual assistant or VA should answer calls, respond to emails, book services for the company, do basic bookkeeping, and handle office calendars. Those are the basics. You can earn more by managing the company’s social media pages and doing digital marketing on the side.

Web Designer

If you have an eye for design, you may want to venture into designing websites. A web designer has a different job than a developer or coder. You barely need to learn computer language in the field of web designing. What you have to do is to be aware of the elements of great web design. Freelance web designers make more money than their employed counterparts.

Because you can work for multiple clients at the same time, a web designer can earn around $80,000 a year. You can charge more if you have more experience in designing sites. And if you know a thing or two about web development? Then, you can double your earning potential.


Again, thanks to the internet, you have many options for career advancement and income generation. If none of the other lucrative careers fit your skills, why not try to be an entrepreneur? Find a niche that you can dominate. Once you have succeeded in establishing your business, you’ll find this to be the most lucrative career you tried. Make sure to read up as much as you can about starting your own business.

Shifting to another career is never an easy choice. However, if your current one isn’t personally and financially fulfilling anymore, you need to weigh your options. Seeing as there are many lucrative careers out there, you’ll have a great list of options.

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