Make Your Business Survive the Pandemic

The global crisis that is COVID-19 has left many businesses and industries at a standstill. While many are wondering when they could resume normal working conditions, governments and business leaders now realise that there is no going back to what the world considered normal before COVID-19.

This has left many companies asking the question: how will they navigate this new normal in the business world? How could they recreate the impact of live events and interactions with their customers? Many companies rely so much on the five senses that they cannot envision customers and clients without their presence or physical contact.

Also, many companies are cutting back on their marketing expenses because they cannot see how they could engage their audience in a time of lockdowns and social distancing. But what these companies cannot see is that if there is a time for digital marketing to shine, then it should be in a troubled time like now.

Don’t Stay Idle

Companies often want to be conservative when times are uncertain, but they should be more open on coming up with different ways to engage their target audience. Use digital marketing to keep in touch with your audience and offer new ways to provide products or services.

Most people are staying online and spending more time on social media, which makes it the perfect time for many businesses to strengthen their digital marketing. Data management can help you understand who your clients are and how you could change your marketing method to suit their tastes and needs.

A strong brand presence online will also help remind your clients that you’re still in business and that you are offering other ways to serve them, whether it is through eCommerce, special discounts, offerings or sales incentives.

Be Active in the Community

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Sometimes, the best way to stay afloat in uncertain times is to serve the community. A recent study revealed that consumers were reassured when they saw familiar advertisements, but they were also more open to brands that provided aid during the pandemic. In certain countries, well-known brands and private companies are creating goodwill between customers and their business.

In the Philippines, the San Miguel Corporation opened its plant to produce rubbing alcohol to meet the public’s increasing demand for the disinfectant. It also donated personal protective gear to many health workers in the country.

Some products use digital advertising to tell the stories of real people facing hardship. Dove, Burger King and even Budweiser are using their advertising skills to encourage people to stay home and support health workers. Such sensitivity to the general public could give companies a good buzz during difficult times.

Empathise with Your Client Base

Sometimes, the only way businesses could connect with their clients is to understand their needs and when they need it. People’s choices and buying behaviour change, and any company that wants to survive should know the underlying factors of these changes.

Companies now see the power of digital marketing, but they need to embrace it more and change their approach to get through these days of COVID-19.

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