Marketing Photography: Can Smart Phone Cams Take Over DSLR Cameras?

A great photo speaks a thousand words. In online advertising, one should invest more resources and skills in producing great images to captivate a target market’s attention easily. Captions are just secondary. These short descriptions will further describe or give customers to see other things that photos cannot say.

These days, smartphones have evolved tremendously in such that most of them can give quality photos comparable to shots taken by a professional camera. Smartphone companies are in constant competition to outwit each other, and thus they do their best to upgrade their specs, provide new capture modes and enthrall their market with quality sample pictures.

But smartphones also threaten the sales of professional cameras. Aside from having lots of functions, smartphones are also handy and can fit anywhere. Professional cameras are bulky and heavy; you need to place them in a special bag. But can smartphones take professional shots just like a DSLR?

Are Smartphones Ready to Replace DSLR Cams?

A big part of the success of smartphones is their marketing hype. However, professional photographers still go for DSLR cameras or mirrorless cams in taking professional shots. Try going to a wedding or an event, and you can never see a photographer taking shots using their smartphones! Using DSLRs will allow you to produce larger file sizes that would look better in printed copies. Larger files and resolution would also allow you to convert easily during editing and give you better resolution per square inch.

DSLR cams also provide more versatility than a smartphone cannot. If you plan to get a product’s detailed, close-up shot, you may not achieve this using the limited lens of your smartphone. However, DSLR cameras will allow you to attach a telephoto lens that can capture tiny details.

In terms of resolution, DSLR cameras and mirrorless cams also have greater resolutions as they have larger sensors up to 40 megapixels and more. Indeed, more megapixels cannot guarantee perfect photos. However, they are important in capturing more light, an important ingredient in transforming poorly-lit scenarios into dynamic ones.

What about creativity? Basically, a DSLR will allow you to exercise more creative control in your photos’ amount of exposure. Elements such as shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings are easier to manipulate in DSLRs, thus creating blurredness backgrounds possible in DSLRs. Yes, smartphones try to recreate these effects. But they may not produce the same outcome as DSLRs do.

Looking for a device that can last longer? DSLRs are champions in terms of longer battery life. Their batteries are full-proofed to last for a day of shooting. If you run out of battery, you can always replace your existing battery with a spare one.

Tips In Using Your Smartphone For Product Photography

taking a photo

Meanwhile, if you are a beginner photography enthusiast and want to sell something online, you may use your hobby to launch your online business. You need to learn certain techniques and principles and buy certain devices to enhance photos further.

To capture important product details, you should learn how to techniques in proper lighting. There are two types of lighting: studio lighting and natural lighting. When selling food and clothing, try to use natural lighting to have a good effect on photos that suit social media well.

Consider using a tripod. This technical equipment is not only for pros but also helps beginners to stabilize their camera. Tripods ensure clear shots that may not be possible when your hands are shaky.

Try to take the best photos so that you will not have a hard time editing later on. Let’s face it. Despite editing tools and filters, well-taken photos with appropriate angles can reveal more of a product.

To further enhance your skills, consider taking a basic photo editing class. Great photos are not just about filters. As you go on in learning photography, you will know that small edits such as changing saturations or erasing small flaws can take photos to the next level. And, you will learn these skills in a proper basic photo editing class.

Taking great photos for product marketing needs time and effort to learn. If you are busy and don’t have the patience to learn these things, consider hiring e-commerce product photography services. You can find a lot of companies online that offer such services.

Also, consider watching helpful videos online or read articles about photography. As you improve your skills, you may decide to upgrade your gadgets. By then, you may want to prioritize saving money to buy a DSLR and improve your photos for your products.

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