Mobile Apps and Businesses: 4 Things You Need to Know

Billions of people all over the world use mobile apps for a wide variety of reasons: entertainment, banking, communication, shopping, and more. They’re the reason why we’re glued to our smartphones most of the day. According to measuring company Zenith, the average American spends three and a half hours a day on their smartphones. If you can capture even a fraction of that time, you can boost your business in so many ways.

Many businesses rely on mobile apps to fuel growth and improve customer relations. Whether you run a food, retail, or logistics business, app features such as push notifications, instant messaging, and real-time location can tracking can improve your revenues and push your business to greater heights. Just think about where Facebook or Amazon would be without their apps.

Whether they do the development work in-house or outsource it to a specialized service like, giant corporations and small businesses alike can benefit from having a mobile app. Here are some benefits you can enjoy by developing an app:

  1. Lower marketing costs

Small businesses spend up to 4 percent of revenue on advertising, a not insignificant figure considering that startups are still trying to establish themselves in a crowded field. However, you can drive costs marketing down by investing in a mobile app for your business. According to the 2018 Mobile App Engagement Index, you can get people to install your app for as low as 3 dollars per user.

Don’t forget that’s just the first step in your app-focused marketing. Once you have people using your apps, you can reach and influence them for as long as your app is installed on their phones. It’s like having a direct connection to your target audience twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. People will keep on using your app and you don’t need to spend more money as long as you keep them interested.

  1. Improved sales generation

Mobile apps also work as an additional revenue stream for your business. There are three ways you can earn money through your app. The most common method is through advertising revenue. If you provide free and valuable services through your mobile app, you can mitigate the costs of development by displaying paid advertisements.

Alternatively, you can sell the app itself, whether as a one-time purchase or a subscription. But you need to make sure that the content is worth the premium your customers paid for. Finally, you can develop an app that’s an extension of your retail store. Customers can order directly through your app and your only job is to fulfill that order.

  1. Faster customer service

people icons in the hands of businessman

Anyone who runs a customer-centered business knows how important reliable and timely service is to the brand’s image. That’s why many businesses invest in employee training and after-sales support. You can streamline your brand’s customer service operations by developing an app that allows customers to access important tools and information without having to visit a physical location.

For instance, you can design an app that allows people to submit complaints and suggestions and connect to customer support. Some brands have also developed apps that are designed to facilitate returns and exchanges.

  1. Improve the customer experience

Whether you’re a startup that provides digital goods and services or a brick-and-mortar business looking to build an online presence, there’s no denying that an app can improve the way your customers interact with your business. In some ways, a mobile app can be a great deal more effective than a regular website.

You can design a website that can adapt to the size of the screen, often with mixed results, but mobile apps natively run on small screens. They’re easier to read and use on smartphones, and customers don’t have to jump through hoops to access your goods and services. Apps also allow for specialized functions that are often absent in websites. For instance, some food delivery apps allow users to track the specific location of the courier.

As more and more businesses occupy the digital space, mobile apps are going to become a standard feature in the future. Having an app allows you to generate additional revenue and connect directly to your target audience. The versatility of the app platform means that any business can utilize it to serve their goals.

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