Standing Out: Outshining the Business Competition

In a world full of choices, customers need to experience a level of service that allows them to feel valued to continue giving their repeat business to one company. The field you are in may allow you to consider a wide swathe of the population as your target demographic. However, poor service and unreliable products will still cause your business to take heavy losses. Thus, you need an obvious idea of your brand identity to attune your efforts to achieve your business goals.

Understanding what consumers are looking for in a business, adapting to how consumers are searching for services, and utilizing the many digital tools available to make your services efficient is at the heart of building a better brand identity. Social media is a better way to share promotions than traditional advertising. A well-built insurance website will see more youthful traffic than the same agency’s storefront. No matter the size, any business can benefit from investing in collecting the information necessary to truly understand the needs of their target demographic.

Amazing Customer Service

This can not be stressed enough. Whether your business has a customer-facing storefront or is entirely online, you need to deliver amazing customer service experiences to every client. Look into automating as many of your administrative and manufacturing processes as possible so you can free your employees to focus on delivering exceptional service to customers.

The old ways of doing business where employee performance is measured in concrete deliverables are no longer as valuable a use of their time as before. Many administrative tasks can be automated, and computers can deliver faster results. Also, customers can receive similar products to your products from your competition. Thus, what they want is a unique experience.

Following a strict guideline that requires them to spend limited time on each customer takes away your employees’ ability to assist customers creatively. Therefore, they are limited and unable to deliver customers with a bespoke service that gives them the full value of time and money spent.

Accept Fault

Sometimes, your business is going to make mistakes. No matter how well-trained your staff is and how current your machinery, mistakes are inevitable when trying to supply many customers with various services and products. When this happens, the knee-jerk human response may be to deny and refuse to admit fault. Some companies refuse to admit fault to avoid lawsuits. But this can be avoided if you operate your business with integrity.

Part of operating with integrity is admitting it when your business makes a mistake. Do your part to fix the mistake and work with the client or vendor to find solutions and come up with ways to avoid the same issues happening again. Consult a business attorney to find the right way to put up mission statements and disclaimers so that your customers know exactly what they can expect from your business.

Make sure to stand by your words when an issue crops up, and you will find that your customers become more loyal. Customer relationships strengthen when they see a business taking concrete steps to address issues and solve them.

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Deliver Honesty

Many businesses make the mistake of promising high quality and delivering cheap products to improve their profit margins. This can only work for so long as eventually their fraud and underhandedness will catch up to them.

Ensure that what reaches your client is exactly what you promise on your website and product description. Encourage your customer service agents to give clear and workable timelines to customers. People may be impatient, but they will appreciate receiving their products within the time frame you promised. Promising a short timeframe and delivering days after will cause mistrust and reduce the likelihood of repeat business.

At this time, when the world is recovering from a devastating pandemic, you may want to redefine your business goals. The state of the economy means that people are going to think twice before they spend their money. Reinventing your business to focus on doing more corporate social responsibility work and showing how much your company wants to contribute to the community may work best.

This only works if you make a sincere effort to support your community. If it is entirely about reaping the rewards without giving back in a real way, then it can hurt your company more than it helps. Collecting canned food for soup kitchens, donating clean used clothing to shelters, and offering free consultations or training seminars to high school and college students are just great CSR efforts. There are so many ways that a company can give back without spending money.

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