Proven Mobile Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

The ever-growing number of mobile users worldwide has paved the path to the global mobile marketing niche—where businesses can expand their customer base and engage with their audience better. The concept of mobile marketing is fast emerging and has become one of the best ways to allow businesses’ let their names be known in the vast global market, reaching more customers with ease.

That said, here are the seven best and proven strategies in mobile marketing to boost sales.

Voice Search Optimization

Most individuals are used to speaking into their smartphones than their laptops. From phone calls to video conferences, people have gotten so used to the action that most are found chatting away with their devices, including voice search. Many are now beginning to search for answers for their queries by voice rather than typing search phrases, especially mobile web users.

If you want to drive engagement and boost sales, get a jump on the trend and optimize your webpages for voice search. You need to search for long-tail keywords and incorporate them into your content. For instance, businesses offering phone screen repair services can use the keyword ‘mobile screen repair shop in Utah,’ making them more visible to locals and easily accessible to the rest.

Offer Mobile-Friendly Content

As a business, especially for those in the e-commerce niche, webpages are the most vital resource. After all, they’re where you do all your business and where customers find out about your brand and products. That’s why one crucial mobile marketing strategy to consider is ensuring your content is 100% mobile-friendly—including from the landing page to the store’s checkout. So, you need to ensure you have a robust user experience for mobile users.

Vertical Video and Animations

Over 94% of smartphone users hold their phones vertically, but most videos or animations are created with a horizontal format in mind. That’s because most people are used to watching videos in landscape form through TVs, cinema screens, and computers. To make your infomercials and videos stand out, publish vertical videos, ensuring a great user experience and driving engagement.

Take Advantage of Text Message Marketing

When talking about modern smartphones, most would only think about internet connectivity. However, they still allow communication in more conventional ways, such as text messaging. Plus, it doubles as such a great marketing channel for e-commerce businesses to try. Although internet-enabled apps like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp are becoming more popular, the open rate for traditional text messages is still higher.

One of the reasons why text messaging marketing is so effective is that most people deem it “personal,” which customers often look for in a business. Remember to keep your marketing texts short and personalized, and ensure to provide recipients something valuable.

Practice Hyperlocal Targeting

Hyperlocal mobile marketing involves using geofencing techniques to mark particular geographical areas using a virtual fence. If anyone with your business app installed steps into that geofenced location, it’d trigger tailored push notifications. Although this strategy is relatively new, with only one in five businesses using it, it can be efficient for different business types.

For instance, retail stores can use geofencing to send tailored product recommendations while notifying users of any special discounts in the stores nearby. A taxi service can geofence airports, docks, and other travel hubs, sending users a message if they’re looking for a ride. Doing this drives user engagement better, leading to better conversions and sales.

Run Personalized Campaigns

Personalization is a significant factor to always consider in modern digital marketing, as marketers and businesses over the years have realized that no consumer wants to be treated like a “number.” Companies engaging on personal levels tend to make longer-lasting connections with their customers, leading to more sales. The best part is, there are many ways you can take advantage of mobile marketing to run personalized campaigns.

Whether reaching out by SMS or social media, always aim to make customers feel “exclusive” and that you’re only talking to them.

professional using laptop and phone

Create and Launch a Mobile App

If you’re looking to do all you can in your mobile marketing campaign, one of the most efficient methods is to develop a mobile app dedicated to your business. There are numerous ways to support your e-commerce efforts with an app your customers can download. For instance, a well-known home and furniture company created an app called “Couch Potato,” where it serves as an inactivity tracker to their customers, humorously promoting how enjoyable it is to sit back, unwind, and relax on their furniture.

Such apps can leave a lasting impact on consumers, making your brand the first thing they think of when considering buying products or services in your niche.

When it comes to using the internet in today’s digital age, mobile reigns supreme. Whether it’s teleconferencing or browsing different social media platforms, most people rely on smartphones than ever before. That’s why it only makes sense for businesses to bring their marketing to the mobile industry, and the strategies mentioned can give anyone a good start.

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