Social Media Brand Ambassadors: Your Employees as Advertisements

Traditionally, companies hire brand ambassadors to promote their brand to the public. It’s definitely one formidable move to increase awareness and profits. But in contemporary times, social media has become an important tool in achieving this same goal. Just imagine the following you’d get if you have the top YouTube stars such as MrBeast at your beck and call. But truth be told, that may not be the best way to go about it.

Indeed, there may never be a better way to market your brand than with your employees on social media. The results could say it all. And before you react negatively, know this might be the cheapest marketing method you can find. So, hop in.

Usually, in companies, the marketing team cum social media experts market their product on social media platforms. But think about it. Your employees are your best witnesses to the world on how good your products are. You have to prep them right. Your employees’ amazing testimonies could land you the numbers. And go a long way in influencing the public.

But here’s the thing. This is marketing. So you need to finetune things before you let the public know. Here are the key talking points on how.

Choose the Right Set

The first thing to do is to pick out the right set of people as brand ambassadors. Passionate employees will always share messages about the company without necessarily being urged to do so. So you must get out there with the cream of the crop.

Being a part of the team does not have to be formal at first. Sort out the employees who seem eager and sincerely want to spread new on the company’s services and products. And if you can identify the people who enjoy using social media and have a good social media presence, you would have done half of the work.

Putting your operations out there can be a tall order. The online world is home to some of the most critical social media commenters, not to mention virulent. It’s important then that you put your best foot forward.

A good way to do that is to have your social media ambassador be seen with your company uniform. If a post needs to be done on the assembly line, make sure all your employees wear one. Uniformed workers reflect an industry working together for a common goal, especially true in the age of COVID-19.

To this end, you may have to consult experts in uniform management solutions. Not only will they give your company a reliable assessment of what kind of wear is best for your working environment (e.g., footwear, PPEs), but they can deliver the quality you need to stand out.

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Communicate the Company’s Vision

This is an essential tip in turning your employees into social media ambassadors. If they don’t know the company’s vision, they cannot own it and work with it. If they understand the big picture, they will be more invested and more willing to identify with and represent the company. So, it’s paramount they convey the company’s vision without being halfhearted about it. Make the vision their own too. This would help them do all they can to promote their brand on all their social media platforms. And they would always keep in mind that the company’s success is their success.

Train Your Employees

Social media is not for the faint of hearts. That’s for sure. In this regard, you need to help your workers feel more confident and at ease by providing training. You can have a few ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where you can train your employees.

The training can go a long way in inspiring them. By boosting their confidence, you prep your employees for the task at hand. And become a better social media brand ambassadors. In short, allowing them to shine even more.

Encourage Social Media Activity

Remember that for your employees to get information about the company out there via social media, it can only mean one thing. They have to be active on these platforms.

Take time out to encourage your workers to do it right. And that includes creating profiles and being consistent at posting. The platform they will use should depend on each person’s personal preference and your brand’s application platform.

Unlike other companies where employees are not allowed to be on social media, especially during work hours, you have to subtly encourage your workers to promote your company’s brand. Make sure you provide a social media guideline to encourage proper social media use.

It’s true. It’s not exactly a walk in the park. But the rewards are exceptional. You get a social media ambassador that won’t cost you to lose an arm and a leg to do your bidding. Best of all, if you do it right, it can get you the exposure your company needs and the profits all that entails.

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