Strategies to Enhance Your Word Bank

Words are a powerful tool of communication. Many people wish to be eloquent with words so that they can relay their messages better. But being fluent with words does not happen overnight. There are different strategies a person can do to expand their vocabulary. Here are some things that you can do if you wish to brush up on your vocabulary.

Incorporate Challenge and Fun

Many people feel that a vocabulary lesson is boring. But there are many available fun resources to learn new words. You can use online fill-in puzzles; they are available to provide the right dose of challenge, learning, and fun. The paperback counterpart can also come in handy.

There are also word games online that can be played while passing the time. Numerous mobile apps are aimed at equipping you with new words. These games and apps may include, but are not limited to, matching meanings, synonyms, and antonyms.

People have to eradicate the notion that learning takes place only in formal courses and classes. Also, acquiring new words does not need to be expensive, too.

Learn with Others

It is always enjoyable to do things with a friend or with someone. Multiplayer games such as Scrabble and Boggle are also available online. A little competition is healthy. Also, it is fun to learn new words from someone.

You can also learn a new language with a friend. It makes the activity less taxing. You will also be more eager to achieve your goal more when you learn with someone.

person reading a book

Be a Voracious Reader

One of the best ways to learn new words is by exposing yourself to them. This can be done by being an enthusiastic reader. It does not mean that you have to choose classic reading materials. Any reading material will help you see how words are used in everyday contexts.

Aside from literary works, magazine and newspaper articles are good means to encounter new words. Even reminders posted at establishments can help you test if your grammar and vocabulary are up to date. You can also measure what you know against the standard used in businesses. Be mindful of words around you.

Do Not Brush off New Words

One of the most common mistakes of people is when they disregard new words. Learning is futile if you are only aware of what you already know. Thus, when you find a new word, you can first test if you can derive its meaning through context. See how it is used.

If this method fails, use a dictionary or a thesaurus. These two references never grow old. A quick search online can also be helpful. Always have a small notebook. Or you can use your mobile to jot down unfamiliar words. This way, you will not forget to look them up.

Be Bold in Interacting or Writing

Words, old or new, are only words unless you use them. The true measure if you understand a word is when you can use it correctly. Therefore, do not shy away from simple interactions with people. You may be presented with an opportunity to use your new word. Remember not to force it, though. It may come off as awkward. You can also write a simple piece of an article just to test if you can use your word in the proper context.

Having a good vocabulary will help you connect with more people. It is also a skill that is beneficial for your professional life. Be proactive in improving your word bank.

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