The Common IT-related Problems That Small Businesses Face

Every big corporation has an information technology, better known as IT, department. However, small businesses may not have the resources to have one ready when needed.

Luckily, there are services like Microtech to offer IT support to small and mid-sized businesses. Here are some problems that you may face that will require IT support:

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is essential to your operations. Are you sure that it is safe and secure no matter what happens?

A power outage, server crash, or a natural disaster can wipe away all your progress and can bring you back to zero. You need to adopt strategies to not only protect your data, but to make sure that there is a reliable backup and recovery solution in place when the inevitable happens.

A solid backup and recovery plan is a line of defense against ransomware attacks. Hackers are out there and targeting small to mid-sized businesses. When your security is breached and you are locked out of your own system, if you do not have a backup and recovery plan, your choice is to pay the ransom (not recommended) or lose all your data.

Losing data can cost a lot of money. According to a previous report by Verizon, a data breach can result in several thousand dollars wasted.

Part of the responsibilities offered by IT support is to help you set up backup and recovery solutions so that, whatever happens, you may lose some of your data but you will not go back to scratch.

Data Security

data security

Data leaks happen and, when it does, it always results in disastrous consequences to the business. Your precious data needs protection, especially from those who are up to no good.

According to statistics, nearly 50% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. However, not even 20% of small businesses are confident that they will be able to mitigate vulnerabilities. Of those that are victims of cyberattacks, 60% go out of business within six months.

It is crucial that small businesses take measures to protect data for their own survival and for the safety of their customers.

Integration of New Technologies

Have you heard of cloud computing and want to integrate it into your day-to-day processes? Are you interested in equipping your office with virtual assistants to free your staff from having to do menial tasks such as scheduling meetings or typing up short documents?

IT support can help you seamlessly introduce an unfamiliar piece of technology into the office. They will take care of setting things up so that you and your team do not have to waste time trying to figure things out.

When Something Breaks

Face it. Not everyone is technologically adept. Some people, especially older folks, have trouble understanding and adapting to new advances in technology.

When something goes wrong with their computer or any electrical device, they would not know what to do. This is usually what people think IT does. They take care of issues related to technology. They also will install and update any system and software necessary for your employees to get their work done as fast and as efficiently as they can.

IT is a complicated field that not everyone can do. It requires education, experience, and continually being updated in advances and developments within the industry to be able to serve the business better.

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