Three Things Customers Expect When Placing Orders

How much attention do you place on good customer care? Do you realize just how important it is for your customers to be treated well at every stage of the buying process?

If your customer care service is unsatisfactory or non-existent, now is the time to start doing things differently. A customer who places an order at your business can end up changing their mind based on how you treat them. So, you need to know how to handle them at this crucial stage.

Here are several things that your customers want from you when placing an order:

    1. Customers Expect to be Rewarded for Their Loyalty

It can be tempting to ignore your existing customers in favor of getting new ones in the hopes of increasing your business revenue. But that would be a very bad move on your part. Studies show that 48 percent of customers expect specialized treatment for being a good customer. In other words, they expect to be appreciated for being loyal to your brand.

For that reason, you need to take the time to show your existing customers that you appreciate their contribution to your business once in a while. There are many ways to do this. You can offer periodic discounts to existing customers or give them gift vouchers. You can also wish them a happy birthday if applicable and allow them to enjoy special offers on those days.

The discounts or gifts you make don’t have to cost you much. But the investment you make will ensure that your customers know that you appreciate them and their business. And that will keep them loyal to you in the long term.

    2. Customers Expect Your Sales Reps to be Knowledgeable 

It can be quite frustrating for customers to ask questions as they make final decisions about buying only to encounter brand representatives that are ignorant about the products they want to buy. Maybe they are still comparing two nearly similar products. Or they want to consider upgrading what they own at the moment.

Research shows that 30 percent of customers consider a knowledgeable and friendly agent to be one of the most important aspects of customer care service. So, if your agents are not familiar with your brand products and services, that order that was about to be finalized may end up being canceled. And your business will lose revenue.

So, ensure that your customer care service agents know what they are doing. Additionally, they should answer questions about what you are selling, in a professional and friendly manner.

    3. Customers Expect You to be Quick and Effective When Dealing with Orders

According to one Statista report, 27 percent of customers consider the lack of effectiveness as the biggest source of frustration where customer services are concerned. Another 12 percent of customers consider the lack of speed as their biggest cause of frustration.

What that means is that when customers contact your business, they want you to respond quickly. And when they place an order, they want you to be effective and get them what they want. When you fail to deliver what customers expect, then you end up providing poor customer care services, and it will impact your business negatively.

Handle your customers well, even when they are in the process of placing an order for your products or services. Otherwise, the poor customer care services you provide may end up making your business look bad and cause you to lose potential sales and revenues. Partnering with an order-taking call center may be the best way to go about getting professional, knowledgeable, and friendly agents who represent your brand in a positive manner.

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