Top Amazon Seller Tools for Newbie Online Sellers

When it comes to selling goods online, you should make sure that you are on the right e-commerce marketplace. Being on the right platform does not simply mean that the user interface is good.

In selecting an online selling website, online sellers and entrepreneurs may rely on the established branding of the online store. When it comes to user interface and brand popularity, top online sellers trust Amazon.

Amazon is the world’s number one e-commerce store. Since its inception 25 years ago, Amazon managed to outperform rivals like eBay and Walmart. As a testament to its unwavering efficiency and dominance, the e-commerce giant managed to double its net profit by up to $5.2 billion despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, despite being popular and dominant, the Amazon marketplace is a competitive online store. Whether you choose to enroll in the FBA or FBM program, you will arm yourself with the best Amazon seller tools to improve your Amazon store performance.

To serve as a guide, here below are the must-check Amazon seller tools to increase your Amazon business profitability.

Amazon FBA Calculator

One of the useful seller tools that every seller should use is the FBA calculator. This calculator will provide insight to sellers concerning fees, costs, and net profit of a product listing.

Many third-party tools offer FBA functionality. However, if you wish to avoid unnecessary expenses, Amazon offers its own free FBA revenue calculator.

You should understand that although the Amazon FBA calculator helps calculate fees, it cannot provide the overall expenses a seller usually incur. There are other so-called hidden costs in selling on Amazon that you should be wary of.

Amazon Repricers

One of the key factors in winning the Amazon Buy Box would be the price of the inventory item. When competing for a buy box, sellers should always have a dynamic repricing strategy.

If you are new to Amazon, you can access for free Amazon’s own repricer. However, such a repricer offers limited functionality. That is why top Amazon sellers make use of automated repricers for increased buy box winning rate.

Automated repricers provide dynamic pricing strategy by automatically repricing a product listing based on marketplace situation and competitors’ behavior. With an automated repricer, there is no need for you to manually input price now and then. Hence, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Amazon Feedback Tools

Since Amazon is very particular with customer service, you should likewise be cautious about it. Customer feedback or review does not only affect your reputation as a seller but also your chance of winning the Amazon buy box.

Feedback is among the metrics Amazon algorithm takes into consideration when awarding a buy box. That is why top Amazon sellers make use of feedback tools like FeedbackWhiz to constantly monitor customers’ feedback.

Depending on the added feature of your feedback tool, you will have better feedback management and monitoring as well as email automation to buyers. You better choose wisely.

Ad Campaign Tools

ad campaign

To jumpstart your store visit, you may also take advantage of Amazon advertising campaign tools. Similar to other platform’s advertising campaign tools, this particular Amazon seller tool drives traffic to your Amazon product listing.

If you wish to start organically, you may also take advantage of Amazon’s advertising platform, the Amazon Marketing Services.

Keyword Research Tool

What makes Amazon a unique and top-performing online store is its algorithm. Similar to Google, Amazon has its way of dealing with SEO.

When it comes to the optimization of your product listing, you should be careful of the keywords you will use. Select your keywords properly to increase your chances of appearing on the organic search result of Amazon.

Top online sellers do not merely leave keywords to chances or luck. These sellers make use of keyword research tools to better their product listing optimization.

The good thing about keyword research tools, there are some tools available online that are free to try or free to use. Thus, keeping things less expensive while you are still building your Amazon empire.

Embracing Technology for Success

In creating an Amazon selling strategy, you should not limit yourself with the tool preparation and use. You should also prepare other essential factors for the business. Some of the factors to take into account may include but are not limited to having top trusted suppliers, reliable logistics, top IT services, and so much more.

The Amazon marketplace is a competitive platform for sellers. However, despite the competition, sellers like you still have the chance to obtain some profit. All you have to do is to master the use of Amazon seller tools and create your own Amazon selling plan.

If you wish to succeed in this industry, you should plan and prepare everything necessary for the business ahead of time.

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