You Don’t Just Run Your Business, You Take It To The Road

One of the ironies caused by the pandemic is that some big businesses closed or struggled to survive, while some small ones thrived. One of these small businesses that used creativity and convenience to their advantage is mobile businesses. While everyone else is staying home and social distancing, they offer their services from inside a truck. They hit the road and park where the customers are and provide their services right there and then.

Whether you’re planning on starting your own mobile business and you’re looking for ideas, or you’re just simply curious, here are some of the many products and services that you can serve from a moving truck:


Why will a juice bar thrive in the middle of a pandemic? People are becoming more and more conscious about their health, making strengthening their immune system a priority. Vitamin C, found in most fruits and vegetables, has antioxidant capacities that protect our cells from inflammation and infection. It is also our natural defense against the common colds. So starting a juice bar business might not be a bad idea this year, especially if you can give everyone a chance to get a hold of your healthy fruit juices, smoothies, and shakes right outside their doorsteps. You are not just quenching your customers’ thirst; you are also boosting their immunity.


In this era of work-from-home setup, coffee shops and cafes face challenges by shifting from face-to-face services to deliveries. Gone are the days when coffee shops are crowded by a queue of office workers dropping by before heading to work for their daily dose of caffeine. The good thing is, not even the pandemic can stop us from drinking coffee, especially since it takes more energy to work from home. So just like the juice truck business, you can now bring that hot cup of Joe anywhere.


Let’s admit that not everyone has the skills to cut their own hair and cut someone else’s hair, but we all want to look fresh and confident, even if we have nowhere special to go to. After all, the pandemic’s effects of pressure and anxiety are reason enough to at least do something nice for ourselves. (Also, we want to look presentable for that virtual meeting.) Having a mobile salon nearby that can take care of our locks and make us feel good is the next best thing to being in an actual salon. At least here, you can be sure that you are the only customer being catered to.

hair salon


Of course, our furry friends and furbabies deserve pampering, too! One of the good things about quarantining at home is that we can be with our pets 24/7. Because of this, we can give more of the attention, love, and care that they need. Luckily, mobile pet grooming is flourishing. Now we don’t have to worry about squeezing going to the pet salon in our schedules. They will bring the salon to your pets. How convenient is that?


Of course, food. Whether it’s sandwiches, burgers, or rice meals, with the right quality and equipment, you can now bring fast food right outside the customer’s door. Everybody wants to eat, but not everybody knows how to cook. Yes, food deliveries are rampant, but a mobile food truck is a gift from heaven for those who live far from these huge establishments. Not only are they saving money by avoiding delivery fees, but they are also saving time waiting.


Now for those who love going to the market to shop for fruits and vegetables, this is heaven-sent, especially if they’re homegrown or organic. Because of the Covid-19 virus being rampant anywhere, many people also opted to cook their own food. Through this, they can make sure of their food’s cleanliness and healthiness. This is also helpful for those who need to buy only the necessary ingredients. It’s quick, and it’s easy.

These are just some thriving mobile businesses during this pandemic. There are many more out there who deliver unique, creative, and convenient services that we never knew we needed.

Whether you plan to start your own mobile truck business or try one of these services, always prioritize safety above all. The main purpose of mobile businesses in this pandemic should be to provide convenience and serve the community.

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