What Are the Best E-Commerce Websites for Winery?

According to statistics, the market share of e-commerce is expected to grow by 72% in 2021 as online shopping increases. For wineries and breweries, this can be challenging due to the restrictions associated with wine delivery. But with the right tools and websites, business owners can embrace digital marketing to expand and scale their business.

1. WooCommerce

Where can you find an open-source website that provides blogging tools and a wide array of themes to wineries but WooCommerce? This platform allows users to sell wines and blogs actively on beautiful and interactive web designs.

They provide customizable templates enabling users to add features according to their preference. If there’s one feature you shouldn’t miss, it’s probably the Product Table Plugin. With this, you can add unlimited images in the gallery to showcase your products. Plus, it activates filter functionalities. Combined with beautiful wine labels and packaging, you can have an aesthetic display using advanced digital printing solutions such as Kebab MkII printers.

WooCommerce is open-source, which means that you can set up an account for free. But the domain registration, hosting cost, and shipping fee are paid. In total, it may cost you more than $300 per year.

2. VineSpring

This is a subscription-focused commerce that integrates in-person, online, and automated transactions, driving more sales. By providing easy path-to-purchase to customers, they can help business owners grow their winery.

They also use the latest technologies to make the website responsive across all devices, which increases customer engagement. With pre-built integration and flexible API on the software, creating connections to various systems business owners frequently use becomes easier.

As of today, VineSpring accommodates hundreds of wineries, distilleries, and breweries worldwide. With e-commerce still on the rise, the number is expected to grow in the future.

3. VinoShipper

As we have mentioned, wine and liquor delivery are more prone to issues than other products. There are rules they have to comply with, unpredictable temperatures that affect the wine condition, and adult signatures. These can hinder business processes and growth.

However, with VinoShipper, wine and liquor delivery to over 40 states in the US will be taken care of. They provide a delivery permit to wineries and breweries. What’s more? They also manage the taxes and shipment reports on behalf of their clients, making it easier for the latter.

Should you choose to be in partnership with VinoShipper, your products will be delivered using their own personal UPS. Not to forget, the points and discounts you earn are convertible to website features and add-ons.

4. Wine Direct

Wine Direct is the ideal platform for business owners without experience in running an e-commerce website. They offer all the necessary tools to run the business with ease, from marketing tools and sales report software to inventory materials.

Because data analysis is essential in e-commerce to monitor customer engagement, Wine Direct provides website analytics to wineries. In terms of marketing, their platform allows you to generate and schedule email alerts. With unique features, you can have access to users’ profiles.

business owner

Two Subscription plans:

Wine Direct Lite. This includes built-in marketing tools, ShipCompliant features, free web hosting services, and integrated payment processing. The monthly price starts at $79.

Wine Direct Plus. This contains additional features such as reporting and inventory tools, a customer loyalty program, and auto-updates on credit cards. This plan starts at $549.

5. Shopify

Shopify integrates social media such as Instagram, POS, and Facebook with its platform to boost sales. And with advanced features and tools for sales and marketing, users can manage revenue and profit more easily. Combined with Mailchimp that allows sending and scheduling email campaigns, wineries can improve marketing results.

Shopify also provides beautiful and responsive themes fit for wine and liquors to promote products effectively. Users can have three subscription plans to choose from, and the price starts as low as $29 per month.

6. Squarespace

This platform excels and takes pride in creating unique and attractive website designs. They have customizable templates, allowing users to create product descriptions, gift cards, and discounts. In partnership with several third-party extensions, customers can then add features based on their business needs, which may include Shopify inventory management.

Even tracking website traffic will never be a problem. Square space contains advanced analytics to collect information about their target audience. For as low as $18 monthly, you can have a website equipped with marketing tools and website analytics.

Digital marketing is said to be the future of a wide range of products. If you have been in the winery and brewery industry, this couldn’t be a perfect time to consider starting your e-commerce websites. With the right platform, you sure can stay on top of the trends.

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