Attending Your First Concert? Here’s What You Need to Know

The time has come for your concert virginity to be taken away. It’s only normal to feel confused and nervous at first since this would your first time experiencing it. While it would be fun and exciting more than anything else, there are still a few key tips that you need to know to make sure your first time would be a memorable one:

Bring a Small Bag For All Your Things

Bringing a bag at a concert is something that is somehow inevitable, but it’s almost important to know that you must bring a small one. Make sure everything you need fits inside the bad, though – water, your phone, charger, and umbrella (just in case). Also, there are certain arenas that now implement stricter rules on the sizes of the bags that would be allowed inside.

The general size is said not to be bigger than 14” x 14” x 6” since bigger bags would take in more space than smaller backpacks. You could also be able to take advantage of smaller backpacks or sling bags for more movement.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

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Concerts, especially those held by well-known artists, tend to be packed with people. Of course, you need to dress comfortably in your first concert in order for you to fully enjoy the experience – without the worry of someone stepping on your dress or holding on to your sleeves because they were too loose. It is also advisable that you stick to pants instead of shorts to be able to move around freely when your favorite song comes on.

Stick to closed shoes to avoid you getting hurt from all those people jumping around you. You would also need to do research on the venue’s rules and regulations since some venues have restrictions on certain clothing.

Charge All Your Devices the Night Before

One of the most important (and obvious) things that you need to before the concert day, is to make sure you charge all of your devices – and that includes your power bank. Your phone will be extremely essential for this first-time experience. Although some organizers do not allow phone recording during concerts, it would still be useful for you to pass the time and wait before the concert starts.

Depending on the event setup in Idaho or any other place, even if you are seated far from the stage, you would still be able to have a closer look on what’s happening through the screens – and take high-quality pictures from there.

While that’s something that’s inevitable, the good thing about most concert venues is that they have a great sound system and audio equipment, and some concert halls could enhance the instruments which sound amazing live and adding an extra layer for feelings and emotions.

Arrive Early at the Concert Venue

Since this is your first time, it would be recommended for you to arrive at the concert venue earlier than the actual show. This is to also familiarize you with the place – where to fall in line, where to get in, and how to get in. This would also give you enough time to get food, buy posters or merchandise from different booths before the show starts.

In most cases, concert organizers have free seating and standing especially those in the VIP section, so it would be really wise to arrive early before the line gets long. It would also help you guarantee a great view from the stage and really maximize your first ever concert experience.

It’s normal to feel nervous about attending your first concert, but once you’ve gotten used to what’s needed to do beforehand, you would be a professional concert-goer in no time.

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