Facebook Marketing: When Is the Best Time to Post?

Facebook has become so intertwined in people’s daily lives that many cannot go about a day without using it. Through it, we connect to distant relatives, old acquaintances, celebrity pages, and even office work. Facebook has private and public groups, pages for businesses and personalities, as well as marketplaces to sell things in. One can even date others through the website. When it comes to digital marketing in Northampton or elsewhere, Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool.

So when is the right time to post on Facebook? What must we consider when we use it as a marketing tool? Are there any negative sides to it?

Know the Starting Point

The first thing you need to do, of course, is to research. The questions you must start with before considering the other factors are: For whom are your products and services? Specifically, where do they come from? What is the timezone of their location? Your day might be their night, or your noon might be their dawn. The last question, in particular, will determine every factor and help you convert the exact hours and minutes for posting properly.

Consider the culture.

using social media

The second thing you must know is your target market. Consider their culture, priorities, age, and habits. Here are some questions to think about:

  • At what time do they go to work or school and return home?
  • When do they usually take breaks?
  • If your brand is catered towards the young, what are the regular school hours of their country or state?
  • When do they take breaks?
  • What time do they go home?
  • How do their parents respond to their use of electronic devices?
  • When do your target consumers, both young and old, male and female, and otherwise, usually go online given their schedules, priorities, and habits?
  • What exactly are they also looking for when they go online?

You should consider factors like these to know when to post serial videos, short films, and animated ads. Your campaign must be in line with the lifestyles and changing needs of your target market.

Turn to the facts.

You must look at what you have. Use Facebook analytics or invest in another analytics or algorithm-reading program to determine when your page or promotions garner the highest audience or engagement. In other words, how many views do they get in any given hour? When do they get the most views? When do people tend to comment and react to your page’s posts? Then study and observe why this is so. Before considering the content, you must look at the available statistics and learn from them. Creative ideas will come from the data you collected, and brainstorming them will be more manageable.

Facebook is a presence that almost everyone experiences. People who know how to utilize it have the power to sway public opinion, and its many uses invite a variety of people to stay. People last in using this social media site, as seen by the memories that come from a decade ago. Facebook can aid in building a name or brand. If you employ the right marketing actions, your brand can spread to several people instantly.

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