Child Development: Activities that Help With Children’s Progress

Children are naturally curious and playful. Everything to them is a wonder, even the simple things such as how plants grow, how food is made or even how adults speak and do mundane tasks. They learn by watching their parents and older siblings do these activities, and this is a crucial part of their development. Although they don’t understand how exactly things work, they get to utilise their five senses to have a better understanding of the world. If you’re a parent, you can try promoting these activities to help your children with their development.

Play Time

Children are introduced to a world where they can have fun playing games alone or with their siblings or other children. Playing is an activity that’s both enjoyable and educational. It’s a physical activity that serves as an exercise for their bodies, and it is an important part of growing up healthy. Of course, don’t forget about toys. Kids love them. Back then, you were amazed at how your favourite comic book characters become “real” through action figures. Give your children the same experience. Many educational toys in Singapore also help in developing children’s cognitive skills and creativity.

Story Time

story time

Children also love stories. If you’ve noticed, they tend to be talkative with whoever they encounter as soon as they learn how to say simple words. As a parent, this may annoy you at some point, but remember that talking to your children increases their linguistic ability and overall intelligence. Don’t be afraid to explain to your kids whatever you’re trying to say, even if it’s something that refers to a menial task. And of course, before they go to bed, tell them a bedtime story. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a fantasy world. Any story can get their imagination and creativity run wild.

Small Chores

You probably hated doing chores as a kid. As boring as it may sound, it can be an eye-opening experience for your children. As mentioned earlier, they’re naturally curious, so seeing you do these activities will make them wonder and, perhaps, imitate you. This is why there are toys modelled after brooms, kitchenware or even cars. You can encourage your children to do chores by letting them do a small part of those tasks until they’re good enough to be asked to do it on their own. But, don’t forget to tell them how important those tasks are and what purpose they serve.

Being a parent is a commitment that lasts a lifetime. Even when your children grow into adulthood, they’ll still carry the lessons you’ve taught them, especially if those are beneficial throughout life. Early childhood is important because it’s where everything starts to develop. Your children’s innocence during these times makes the world a better, ideal place for learning, so take advantage of this to impart valuable lessons to them. Also, their fondest memories will probably be rooted during these times, so why not make every learning experience enjoyable as well as educational?

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