How is Cloud Computing Transforming Businesses?

As companies increasingly adopt project management cloud solutions to manage their core activities and deliver on goals, it is rare to come across a project management cloud service or software that isn’t cloud-based. So what exactly is cloud computing, and what are these benefits that cloud computing has to offer?

Coming up with new plans and executing them, mobilizing and managing both teams and stakeholders, formulating formal and informal meetings, supervising work plans, and budgets, just to mention but a few. And agreed, it is a mouthful, but do these activities sound familiar to you? Well then, if they do, I will go ahead and presume you play a critical role in project management and are most likely a designated leader of a project. And since most deliverables in enterprises or even personal lives today are a product of effective execution of a project, then, this familiarity rings true for a vast majority of the people.

Therefore, as you have definitely found out, and for any project, effective organization and communication are paramount in the successful execution and delivery of set objectives. As a result, numerous project management tools such as the Gantt charts have been developed over the years to ease this burden. However, their success can only go so far, and a revolutionary concept called cloud computing promises to transform the industry significantly unapologetically.

Cloud Computing in a Nutshell

cloud computingSimply put, it is a revolutionary innovation for Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT), resource pooling, and how to do business.  Within this model, you can access a network of shared pool of configurable computing resources such as hosting, software, and servers – on demand. What is more, the consumption of those resources is easily measurable, and the provision or release of the services occurs with rapid elasticity and minimal service provider interaction or management effort.

It is this convenient and flexible access to computing resources on a broad network that underpins the positive outcome of integrating project management with cloud computing. Some of the critical benefits accruing from this linkage include the following.

It Offers More Than a Single Solution

Communication and scheduling of resources are still a prominent draw. Yet, cloud-based program management solutions will support all of your planning, collaborative efforts, communication needs, budget management, administrative systems, and documentation, just to mention but a few, and yes, it is another mouthful. But one full of solutions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using a device connected to the internet to deliver on your project goals comprehensively.

Additionally, you can now share documents and communicate with your team better than before and orient or onboard new recruits conveniently by providing them with login access to company resource materials and files, which shortens training time or movement to various departments.

It Saves Money

Since the pooling of resources from the cloud is under independent management aimed at maintaining the quality of services rendered, you will be free from the need for an in house IT department or infrastructure such as servers, cooling systems, and other hardware that come at a high cost. The cloud service provider is additionally responsible for system updates and repairs.

Importantly too, depending on your business needs, you can scale up or down as quickly as you wish without affecting performance, and you only pay for what you have used. No more, no less!

Summing It Up

Reeling from this, the hustles of project management shouldn’t be a worry anymore, wherever you are or whatever time it is, an internet connection is all you need to access the resources necessary to deliver on your project goals.

Even if you have unique needs, be assured there is a project management cloud service out there with your name on it. So take advantage and give your enterprise the edge it deserves to thrive.

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