Classy High-Tech Bathroom Inventions that You Will Love

Besides our bedroom, the bathroom is one of the places that need the right amount of attention and care. While you’re doing whatever biological function that you need to do at the bathroom, you’re getting a good ounce of privacy while turning out the rest of the world. That said, the bathroom needs to be designed, planned out, and maintained properly.

After a long day at work, the first thing that we want to do when we get home is to get in the mood to relax. Having a hot steamy shower, dipping yourself on a tub of soothing suds and warm water, or even just washing your hands at the sink are just different ways of enjoying some alone time. There’s no need for any kind of fancy gadget or electronic device for this type of bathroom equipment.

But wouldn’t it be better knowing that you do have some state-of-the-art electronic gadgets in your bathroom? After all, it’s the turn of the decade, and there’s bound to be even more innovations.

Many people think that there shouldn’t be many gadgets in the bathroom, especially that most devices are electronic. But contrary to this belief, the bathroom is actually a prime place to have different assortments of gadgets.

High-Tech Innovations to Look Out For

Whether the bathroom in question is for a 5-star hotel, for SPAs, or solely for your home, having a multi-purpose bath that can do all of these is imperative in giving a good impression to guests while also increasing your home’s value.

There’s definitely a lot of benefits to beautifying and adding equipment to your bathroom. But what are these new high-tech innovations suitable for?

High-Tech Toilets

Every year, there’s bound to be newer versions of toilet seats that optimize the use and save liters of water. Conserving water might not seem like much of a feature, but every year, 9,000 gallons of water are literally flushed down, especially in a family of 4 individuals. Still, manufacturers and businesses have been doing everything to ensure that toilets won’t waste too much water.

While most Americans use toilet paper for their sanitary bowel needs, bidets are found to be quite more useful than toilet paper. Let’s face it: toilet paper isn’t really the most pleasant or even the most sanitary option when cleaning you-know-what. Essentially, using the toilet is just smearing fecal matter all over the place rather than effectively removing it. Not only will bidets this help save tons of paper and keep our hands cleaner, it a relatively inexpensive option knowing that you won’t have to keep on buying toilet paper. Gone are the days you might have to buy rolls upon rolls of toilet paper when you can quickly bring a portable bidet with you.

For colder regions of the country, heated seats are a fantastic way of getting yourself comfortable while you’re doing your deed. Some toilets have motion sensors, so you won’t have to touch any handles. You won’t even have to touch the toilet lid since it will just lift up and down, depending on how you approach it. So if you’re a woman and living with your man, you won’t have to effectively fight about toilet seats being left open!

Bathroom sinkState-of-the-Art Faucets

Well, you can’t really say that it’s a full-fledged bathroom if there’s no faucet for running water. Valves and faucets usually have a pretty simple structure and premise but can be significantly improved.

If you haven’t noticed, malls and other commercial spaces use infrared sensors on their faucets. This is especially useful for public areas trying to mitigate the spread of diseases that rely on physical contact. By ensuring that nobody will need to touch the handle of these faucets, physical transmission to particular conditions is kept at a minimum.

This type of faucets also has electronic timers, which can help regulate the flow of water, helping save water.

Luxurious Technologies

Perhaps the pinnacle of technological progress on bathrooms is the automated functions. But if you’re living in a luxurious home, all of these features won’t mean much if you can’t sit on your tub of warm water, sip on a glass of champagne, and watch your favorite movie a flat-screen television.

If you want to entertain yourself while in your tub or at the shower, most manufacturers are devised with a durable water-proof television that you can install in your bathroom.

Whether it’s infrared faucets, fancy-looking toilets with an intricate set of buttons, or an automated shower system that will regulate its own temperature to your needs, technology is always evolving to fit our wants and needs.

Even though there are still many bathrooms that are simpler in terms of function, having an automated shower can undoubtedly help make things even more convenient. The future is now, and there’s bound to be even more inventions at the turn of the decade.

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