Hiring the Right Employee: 4 Things You Need to Look Out For

Of all the factors that help determine a company’s future success, one of the most impactful is the people you hire. But as any business owner or hiring manager knows, hiring people isn’t as simple as picking a resume from a stack of applications.

There are many things you have to consider, as well as any unknown unknowns that may affect a candidate’s performance down the line. In a way, the hiring process is a leap of faith, which is why it’s important to do things the right way.

In an ideal world, you’ll get a candidate that possesses the education, experience, attitude, and personality you’re looking for. The perfect employee often seems elusive, but you can find the right employee for your business with the right tools and processes. Some managers do multiple rounds of interviews, while others rely on personality tests for applicants.

But regardless of your methods, it’s important to look beyond the resume to filter the bad apples from the good ones. Here are a few things you need to watch out for when interviewing candidates.

1. Lack of enthusiasm

Even the most qualified candidate won’t last long if they lack enthusiasm for your business. You must assemble a team of smart and talented people who care about growth and the future. If you hire someone unable to commit to your mission, they’re not going to contribute much to your business as a whole. Even one person can affect the dynamic of the entire organization.

Make sure to seek someone who supports your vision, can work well with others, and values what you’re trying to achieve. You want someone who feels invested in your company’s success. That way, they will be more motivated to work harder.

2. Inability to admit weakness

If a candidate is unable or unwilling to talk about a personal weakness or failing, it could be a sign of bigger problems. You don’t want to hire someone who cannot admit that they are weak at anything. Some people also try to twist a positive trait and reframe it as a personal weakness to look more impressive. However, most people can see through their affectations.

A person who cannot recognize their own flaws is more likely to transfer blame when something goes awry in the workplace. They can never do anything wrong. Therefore it must be someone’s fault. This is a nightmare scenario for your existing team since no one would want to work with them.

man during an interview

3. Egotistic

During the interview process, it’s normal for candidates to talk at length about their experience and achievements. However, if they only talk about themselves and never acknowledge their former colleagues’ contributions, that’s a red flag. A good team player understands that most projects today are a collaborative effort, and their achievements were made possible by others’ contributions.

If the candidate doesn’t understand that, they may be more likely to throw team members under the bus if something goes wrong. It could also be a sign that they want to hog the spotlight, to the detriment of their colleagues.

4. Phone use during the interview

A survey of hiring managers and executives revealed that phone use during the interview is one of their top disqualifying factors. Using a phone for any reason, whether to text, to search for something online or on their phone, or to silence a call, betrays a lack of preparation on the candidate’s part.

A final word

These are just some of the hiring deal breakers you may want to look out for when interviewing candidates for the position. Some of them may seem petty, but they indicate a candidate’s habits and traits. These should help you separate the wheat from the chaff and save time and energy in the process.

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