How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Employees are the lifeblood of a company. In fact, no corporation can succeed in its operations without them. The people working in the background are a business’s source of power and drive in order to achieve their goals. That’s why companies are always looking for top talent to join their organizations.

But this task, easy as it sounds, is more complex than you think. In fact, studies show that it takes an average of 23.8 days before companies successfully hire employees to join their rosters. This is caused by delays in the overall hiring process. But if it takes this long for companies to make a hire, they lose the opportunity to gain top talents. Usually, employees with impressive resumes and highly desirable skill sets stay available on the market for only an average of 10 days.

It seems that there is urgency now in hiring employees for a company. The human resource departments in all corporations should ramp up and streamline their hiring processes so that they don’t lose the opportunity to attain highly qualified talents. Ideally, the hiring process, from the interview phase all the way to the offer should be made within two weeks. Here’s how to streamline your company’s recruitment procedure.

Create an organized system for your applicants

If you’ve experienced applying for a job, then you know how long it takes before a company responds to your application. This is because of the volume of interested candidates and the big pool of CVs the company receives. It can get overwhelming for the HR department to have all those documents to look at.

The key is to stay organized. The team in charge of collecting applications and streaming applicants should have an organized system where they can track their hires. Tools such as job interview scheduling software or a simple spreadsheet will go great lengths in simplifying the hiring process. These can help the company keep track of their applicants, set interview schedules, and log in the progress of the recruitment so that they can quickly and more clearly make decisions as to which employees to hire.

Reduce steps in your screening process

A common course of action taken by the human resources team is to take their candidates through several steps in the recruitment process. They set up interviews with several representatives and executives in an effort to properly screen their applicants. But this is more counterproductive than it seems. It further delays the recruitment process with redundant questions, not to mention the difficulty of catching the interviewers in their free time.

There is no need to have the candidates go through several steps in order to screen them properly. Consider time-efficient methods such as panel interviews, quick skill tests, etc. This will help save you and your potential hires a great deal of time and energy.

Change your mindset

office employees

Companies, no doubt, can be strict when it comes to hiring employees. They have standards that the applicants must meet in order to deem them worthy of being hired. But companies often lose sight of what’s important. Instead of creating criteria that require being a graduate of an ivy-league school or several years of job experience, opt to focus on the presence of soft skills and a good work ethic. Remember that skills can be taught in training sessions during the applicant’s onboarding process. But personality and character cannot be changed.

Businesses might seem to have all the power when it comes to looking for new employees to join their companies. But they are more vulnerable than we think. They need to streamline their hiring processes to gain access to top talents that will benefit their organization. Otherwise, they’ll run the risk of losing qualified and interested candidates.

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