Bring the Magic of the Movies to Your Home with Automation

Home movie theaters are now part of almost every home because people want to enjoy their favorite movies or Netflix series. If you are looking to transform your spare room into the ultimate movie theater for an authentic cinema experience, now is the time to do it.

People are taking advantage of the time they have these days to install home automation features in their homes. They want to relive the cinema experience by transforming any room into a top-quality home theater, especially since social distancing measures have limited people’s movements. You can make your home movie theater even better by adding the following essentials in your home cinema.

Comfortable Seats

A downside with standard movie theaters is that they have very uncomfortable seating. Aside from providing rigid chairs, the spaces between each one are relatively close and can become confining. When building your home theater setup, you can fix this problem by adding sofas, couches, or even recliner seats and space them out evenly for maximum comfort when watching your favorite movies.

Movie Posters

To make your cinema experience at home more authentic, fill your setup with giant posters of your favorite movies. You can display your vintage posters of classic western films or frame modern marvel prints of your favorite heroes. No matter what kind of a movie buff you are, you can always find the perfect movie posters to complete your home theater setup.

Top-Quality Visuals

The core essential that any quality home theater should have is the state of the art visuals. To fully immerse yourself in your favorite movies, you will need a high-definition screen. Numerous products in the market can provide you with visuals tailored to your preferences.

However, the screen you pick should be big enough for everyone to see wherever they sit in the room; you can determine the appropriate screen size by measuring the distance between the screen and the seats.

Popcorn Machines

No movie night is complete without popcorn, invest in a popcorn machine to get the authentic cinema experience. Do not settle for microwave-cooked popcorn and go with a vintage popcorn machine that gives you the best-popped kernels around.

Watching movies at home

Excellent Surround Sound

Aside from high-resolution screens, to fully immerse in your favorite films, you should invest in a surround system. These surround systems typically consist of several speaker channels that are set up around the home theater, allowing you to feel everything happening in the movie. You can ask the local home automation services in your area on what surround sound system is ideal for your home theater.

Dimmable Lighting

You can achieve the lighting that actual theaters use by investing in track and recessed light as it allows you to adjust the brightness with ease. You can quickly dim the lights at the perfect level when the movie starts and brighten it back at the end and discuss with your peers how amazing the film was.

Nothing beats watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your homes,  bring your cinematic experience to the next level with these home theater must-haves.

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