How to Improve Brand Awareness for Your Small Business

With millions of businesses worldwide, it may be a challenge getting your business to stand out. While there are many ways of doing it, one of the most effective ways of making an impression on potential and returning customers is through brand awareness or brand recognition. When you’re not the only business in your area providing a certain product or service, brand awareness is what consumers need to separate you and your competition.

But building a brand and getting consumers to know about it is a mixture of psychology, science, and art. Bigger corporations may have gotten it down, but here are some ways you can improve your small business’ brand awareness.

Put Your Logo on Packaging, Freebies, and Products

This includes your standard freebies and corporate merchandise like pens, t-shirts, fans, clocks, hats, notebooks, and more. This also explains why you’ll notice plenty of businesses use plastic and paper bags with their logos displayed rather than using plain paper and plastic bags which cost a lot less to acquire.

These are important because having your business’ logo displayed on everyday items like these can do two things: help your customers remember you and increase the chance of them returning (or recommending your business to their network), and attracting the attention of those who see your logo and realize they need your business now or in the near future.

Your logo needs to be visible, clear, and the appropriate size for every product you put it on. Tools like’s heat presses can help provide cost-effective and quality logos pressed onto several types of products that can help improve brand awareness.

Build a Social Media Presence

Everyone is on social media these days, including your competitors. It’s not enough to just make a social media page for your business; you also have to be active, engaging, and responsive to your followers. Otherwise, you might just be one of many small businesses that potential customers easily forget about.

One of the great examples of a corporate social media presence right now is Wendy’s, arguably the most popular brand account on Twitter right now. Sure, it might be a large company, but take note that it manages to outshine the social media accounts of its competitors like McDonald’s or Burger King because of the way their social media account actively (and hilariously) engages with their audience. Their social media account might not be making money, but when their Tweets go viral, it promotes the brand and keeps it at the top of consumers’ minds.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing concept

Although not appropriate for all businesses, influencer marketing is a great way to get the word out about your brand. You need to tap into influencers in your industry whose network you want to tap into. This can build up a working relationship that can allow both your business and the influencer to profit from in the long run.

Despite the small size of your business, marketing and brand awareness are still crucial to your business’ success. These tips can help you boost awareness and help potential customers remember your brand so they can opt to use your business when they need it.

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