The Most Ideal Used Car Models Per Category for College Students

Do you remember what it was like when you went off to college and had no means of getting around town or hauling stuff with? Hard times but a lot of us survived, right?

But let’s admit, it would have been a lot better if we had a set of wheels to use. In some cases even, it’s a necessity.

Buying a car, whether it’s straight from showrooms or used car dealerships, it is never a small thing because of the huge dent it will make on your finances and monthly budget.

While getting a brand new car would be nice, college students also need to be practical especially during these times. A secondhand car in great condition can get you more bang for your buck than you would expect.

Here are eight of the most suitable cars for college kids that we recommend.

Hatchbacks and Sedans

Ford Fiesta

This pint-sized four-door comes in hatchback or sedan variants. They both come in five-speed manual and automatic transmissions. A fair-conditioned older model can go for as low as $2,000 while a newer model in excellent condition can go as high as $12,000.

Chevrolet Sonic

Similar to the Fiesta, Chevy’s Sonic also comes in hatchback or sedan variants with choices of manual or automatic transmission. An older year model of the Sonic in fair condition will cost you $4,000. A much recent model in great shape sells for about $13,000.

Mazda 3

Another compact that comes in hatchback and sedan forms is the Mazda 3. A good conditioned older model will cost you about $2,000 while a newer one with all the works costs at least $20,000.

Toyota Yaris

This small Japanese subcompact offers manual and automatic variants and comes in either hatchback or sedan form. An older Yaris in fair condition is at the $3,000-mark while a newer one in great shape is at $11,000.

Honda Fit

As the Yaris’ direct competitor, the Honda Fit is comparable in every way to its rival except for one thing — it only comes as a hatchback. An older model is at $4,000 while a newer one costs at least $19,000.

Toyota Prius

For the environmentally-conscious, the Toyota Prius is a good choice as it comes as a hybrid gas-electric hatchback or sedan. An older model will cost you $5,000 while a more recent one is available for at least $26,000.


Jeep Wrangler

Great for highway and off-road driving, the Wrangler costs $2,000 for an older model in fair condition while a newer one at top form is at least $31,000.

Honda CR-V

This sleek compact SUV comes in five trims which all have automatic transmissions. Older models will only cost you about $2,000 while newer models, such as the 2019 Honda CR-V, will make you cough up about $26,000.

There are still a lot of other great budget cars out on the market today that are not on this list. At the end of the day, the choice will be yours and only yours to make so carefully weigh your options as you choose the car that’s right for you.

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