How The Pandemic Is Speeding Up Innovation In Security

Things have been becoming more and more digital for decades, but this pandemic has thrown us fully into a digital world unlike we have ever seen before. As more and more people have turned to work-from-home, completing school at home, having social events online, and pretty much controlling every aspect of their lives from the safety of their own home through their phone or computer, there has been an increased demand for innovative cybersecurity the likes of which we have never seen before.

People Are Valuing Security More

On an individual level, it seems that people are valuing security more since the pandemic started. Many people actually put software security over software convenience on their list of priorities. According to a survey completed by Nexkey, 44% of people value security more now than they did before the pandemic started, and 67% of people considered security more important than convenience. These results make sense as people are putting more and more of their livelihood online.

Companies Turning Digital

Just like individuals are going digital in their day to day life, many companies have sent their people home and put their day to day operations almost entirely online. In order to allow employees to safely access everything online, in their own homes, they need security measures that not only ensures that the person seeking access is a verified user, but that the device they are using, the internet they are connected to, and the space they are in are also safe.

This need is forcing companies to look at more comprehensive cybersecurity methods so that they can continue to operate amidst stay-at-home orders and recommendations. Companies will even continue to make these shifts when the pandemic comes to an end. In fact, with social distancing measures still in place, and many offices still operating with a skeleton workforce, organizations would also have to think of adding physical security features in their workplaces even during the pandemic.

Measures like installing access control systems at strategic office entrances and exits would ensure your workers' safety. Additionally, it would ensure that no unscrupulous persons could get into your office and steal your data or hack your systems. And when things get back to a semblance of "normal," and more businesses start bringing back their employees to the office, you'd be grateful you have added physical security measures in place.

Innovation Must Meet Demand

As both individuals and companies have shifted more online and demanded better cybersecurity solutions and services, companies have been forced to innovate to meet their needs in order to stay ahead of the game. One of the most important innovations that cybersecurity has been taking since the pandemic started is called diverse threat intelligence. Diverse threat intelligence is able to take countless signals from countless different locations and devices to look for real cybersecurity threats. This kind of cybersecurity uses both AI and human insight to find threats to all sorts of important COVID-19 digital systems ranging from health systems to delivery apps. Furthermore, not only are major cybersecurity companies making these innovative changes, but there are tons of small startups popping out of the woodwork with new ideas to protect businesses and individuals as they switch over to a more digital reality.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unexpected changes and has forced innovation in countless different industries, and cybersecurity is certainly one of them that is right in the midst of some pretty major and impressive changes spurred on by new demand. For many businesses, the pandemic has changed more than their strategies; it has changed how they define safety and security.


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